2nd Chance Again?



We want to leave our gardens?


An entire worldwide flooding

Wasn’t enough?

The only survivors of life that used to be

Eight humans and some animals

In a box-like ship designed by God

His rainbow promised a 2nd chance

Upon a now-cleansed and teeming

Earth-wide garden

Living and organically one with man

 Designed just so to fit our needs

To give us seed and verdant soil

Profuse kinds of fruit and leafy greens

Copious flowing waters

In rivers and lakes and creeks and oceans

O to see powerful waters

Spilling majestically over mountain cliffs!

Skies awash in brilliant hues of blue

Above fluffy clouds in shades of white and grey

A perfect sun that glorifies it all

By its eternal light and warmth!

God granted a 2nd chance to all mankind

His 3rd will only be for his Faithful

Leave it….ungrateful ones suggest?

ESCAPE it…. genius problem-solvers say?

We should gaze longingly instead

At the dead and reddish dust

Of the planet we call Mars?

Fly, on rockets, off our lovely garden?

Our rhapsodic garden we call Earth?

Shall we, again, disdain our gifted garden?

We’re not, again I ask, that stupid!

Are we?