A Dream Deferred….A Hope Ensured

By the ‘60s a clerically robed man rose to renown

He congregated the disenfranchised ones

All across American towns

His bully pulpit was in the Southern Baptists

His Christian voice strong sonorous and rapturous

His audience was Black people and other ones lowly

He gave voice about ‘freedom’ given too slowly

He held powerful sway against the mockers

More than a pastor—a ‘Reverend Doctor’

He had the Holy Bible on his lectern prominent

He was known worldwide as a speaker eloquent

He spoke of courage (their righteous cause, freedom,

self-determination, voting rights,

equal rights and opportunity, jobs, higher

education, decent housing, adequate healthcare,

led folk in singing ‘we shall overcome one day’)

He spoke of what ‘he’ and ‘we’ could achieve

If only it was in us to adequately perceive

The culmination of it all in his ‘Dream’

‘I have a dream!’ he preached

A world transformed for the good of all

He saw it all in his own Dream


He was a great man, but not great enough

With the Bible before him he didn’t preach as such

For the Christ he serves spoke of a ‘hope’

Not of dreams or wishes about how we could cope

The Reverend Doctor was marked and killed

But that was not the main reason he failed

You see, he left the people with only a dream

Vague thoughts while partly conscious it seems

He’d neglected to leave that which was most true

Which was his calling and his true purview

To direct us all to Christ Jesus and his Sure Hope

Not to put faith in political systems and the vote

To follow Christ Jesus’ steps is the only way

To work toward a new and brighter day

Only God knows whether he may be forgiven

For his witness of the Lord it may seem he’d forsaken

Leaving the Christian message unclear in men’s minds

Still invested in this world’s ‘dreams’ of all kinds 

Christ’s miracles and loving acts of all types

Is proof from God’s Word that his Hope is not hype

Christ’s only ‘dream’ was a message to John

In it he told John of many good things to come

Including the prospect of a Sure Hope

Restoral of the earth’s original form and purpose

In which worthy men would again surface

One in which goodness would reign supreme

Never to be only a forgettable dream

But the same world as God intended and created


In which we’d be forever elated



By Jahgirl