Alleluia Haleluyah Hallelujah

Hear, all you people!
‘Hallel’ – song of praise
Sing praises! Sing odes!
To ‘Yahweh’ or ‘Jah’

Glorify Jah-Jehovah!
For as little David against Goliath
We are repeating an epic battle
Praise and glorify Almighty God Jehovah!
You peoples in Spiritual Armor!
Dark legions and minions come against us
With their weapons of mass destruction
But we are going against them
In the name of Jehovah of Armies!

His son has commanded His triumphal army

A great crowd of docile but fearless sheep

For Jah the battle was joined-the war was won

Now rejoice and prepare to celebrate the wedding!

The Lamb’s marriage invites have been sent
In decisive defeat of Satan’s thwarts
Whose  evil schemes and bullets were spent
Against flesh and blood but not hearts

A rugged little flock in spiritual bands
Followed their Shepherd into battle
Across all the inhabited waters and lands
Up mountains through jungles and nettles

In peace they tell ‘the Good News’
And doors often slam in their faces
Yet for the right to preach they sue
And with Jah’s backing won many cases

All men of the earth ‘cept for godless ones
Got the Word by mouth book or internet
David-size armies swarmed Goliath-like zones
And book publishing records were set

Just like the Shepherd his flocks suffered too
In a world ever dark and insane
Tho every which way evil made man rue
Against their ‘spirits’ they were in vain

Just a little way more the battle line ends
The little flock’s wooly coats cleaned and dried
A seat at the marriage dinner awaits them
As loyal family and friends of the Bride

‘Happy are those invited’ Hallelujah!
‘to the Evening Meal of the Lamb’s marriage’
The Bride has prepared her beauty, O Jah
And your Son arrives in his heavenly carriage

Alleluia! Alleluia! Alleluia!
Haleluyah! Haleluyah! Haleluyah!
Hallelujah! Hallelujah! Hallelujah!


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