The Beast and its Blue-light Special….

Grand ruins of once ornate expansive pavilions
Toppled fine sculptures of ancient strong kings
Crumbling grand halls and dank musty castles
These all litter the lands of long-ago kingdoms
They bespeak ultimate failure no matter how grand
Egypt’s pyramids drown in the sands of time
Historic Palmyra has been leveled by fanatics
Once mighty Greece of Alex the Great is debt-ridden
The Roman Empire is merely an Italian fashion boot
Perhaps one has heard of Atlantis, which
If it ever really existed please tell me where?
And by the True God himself only one wall remains
Of that magnificent structure called Solomon’s Temple
Great Britain today hobbles on leaden shins
And wobbles on the clay toes of its American ilk
They are in duo-dominion for World Empire
And can they, even they…..that modern dual power
Avoid the aforementioned fate?

Modern Empires throw a blue-light party….

Those same countries today grovel and follow
Kiss and bow low to a dreaded ‘Wild Beast’
Who, gorging on the ‘Big Apple’–New York
Plays benign host to their dire conspiracy
It acts as a treacherous ‘Uniter’ of Nations
Tho its UN mantle ratifies plunder of the weak
And affirms the rampaging armies of Empire
Thus, to it they’ll all sing a birthday song!
On October 24, two thousand fifteen
For this ‘Beast’ is in its 70th year
And many member states will pay homage
They’ll light in ‘blue’ their iconic structures
In gleeful global congratulatory revelry
(thrilled to be stealing Middle Eastern oil)
They’ll champagne toast to ‘global security’
(while their mercenary armies run amuck)
They’ll vow ‘tolerance, solidarity, democracy’
(yet condone murders of elected officials)
They’ll dance and drink ‘til the evening’s gone
Inviting all to join in their ‘Happy Birthday’ song
(But far, far and away… in many boggy swamps,
Croaking frogs gaze as the people tred by
–in contented single file—
Pulling behind them through thick wet bush
Countless sleds of wood planks, roof shingles,
Rope, tackle, nails and tools
Toward a high and verdant cleared space….)

The Beast’s ‘blue light’ parties proceed apace
As the earth revolves each nation into night
America will light up its Empire State Building
(while her drones spit ‘hellfire’ on Afghans)
And England will turn Westminster blue
(while arming a demonic thing called ISIS)
O, how proud they are of their inclusion
(in funding the beheaders of Christians!)
(From a river’s muddy clay somewhere
Yes… far, far and away
In many another parts of the earth
The peoples there mold clay bricks by hand
And laugh and sing at their work….)

In Germany a TV Tower will shine blue
(her jets are bombing impoverished Yemen)
The Sydney Opera House will sing the ‘blues’
(as will the Somalians Australia strafes)
‘Cause Oz belongs to the ‘Coalition of the willing’
(bringing war and terror everywhere!)
Even Iran serves up its Nature Bridge park
(‘tho some distrust its ‘civil’ nuclear plan!)
And the great ‘Russian Bear’: 48 buildings!
(after all, its state-of-the-art army is nonpareil)
Even pyramids will, for this one time, be ‘blue’
(as Egypt closes life-line tunnels to Gazans)
But Israel won’t be among the celebrants
As the ‘Beast’ has been slow in its blessing 
(her ruthless claim to all the lands called ‘Canaan’)

(Yet in other places….
Indeed, in many places far and away,
-As if in a different dimension-
The clay bricks and the planks
And the willing hands and happy hearts
Of thousands of peace-loving peoples
Have raised the frames
And then raised the roofs
Of many small but sturdy structures
In them they will gather to meet and pray
To study the True God’s Word together–
And they take no note whatsoever
Of the dreaded wings flying overhead
To many hapless nations…)


Turkey and Spain will direct their blue lights
Upon their gaudiest and tallest structures
They shall all preen and laugh giddily
(to mask the tiresome cries of the dying)
And for ‘saving the world’ will slap high-fives
(‘so sorry our bomb hit that wedding party’!)
Understand, they must quell ‘existential threats’
(of a wailing groom cradling his dying bride?)
And their rollicking fun goes on unabated
(the world’s demise is, after all, just collateral)
Their ‘UN’ stands proud of its global success
(Earth won’t end like its Big Bang beginning!)
The Beast has restrained all their nukes so far
(just allowed strikes from thousands of drones)
The Beast now even dictates climate and morals
(in anti-Christ mockery by its slimy scaled ‘god’)
And in whose image everything’s to be reborn
(to reflect utter madness darkness and doom)

The Beast’s become the arbiter of what’s best for man
(using its mentor, Satan’s thoughts, as its own)
But by its smug haughty and facetious control
(only hastens the foretold fall of that Snake)
See, this ‘Blue Light’ party’s about to come to its end
(tho like ancient Babylon’s fall, they’ve no idea!)

(The toiling peoples elsewhere rejoice
It is as the tiny mustard seed–
These little ‘halls’ they so lovingly planted
In lands of the Earth far and wide–
  They rose swiftly, sturdy and comely
They have sprouted beyond first imagination
–And thus in reverent anticipation
Of ‘God’s Kingdom to come’ in their prayers
They’ve given rise
To these places of peacefulness
These, their humble sanctuaries of faith
Their modest arks of timely salvation
As they all await the ‘Kingdom’–
And like the thriving mustard tree
Those Kingdom Halls keep rising
And the people settle in around them
As their blessed ‘kingdom’ approaches

One that will NEVER be toppled
And they keep on raising Kingdom Halls
And there….yet another one is rising
And another, and another….
…and another ever-ARISING!)


By Jahgirl

December 5, 2015