Believe Or Not: 3 Affirmations

Spirit: The Word Game

There once was a son
Young, smart– indeed he was
So full of himself, so savvy
(He succeeded at much of what he did)
He strode headfirst into the digital age
Dragging his recalcitrant mom
(Suspicious she was of ‘the computer’)
Any answer to any question he could find
In an internet search on his smartphone
Facts, figures and definitions came fast
Yet in understanding same, not so much
(As he held fast to his rose-colored glasses)
But in one area between them there was no contest
Mom answered serious questions from the Bible
Citing many scriptures to buttress her points
He countered by citing worldly ‘opinionators’
Or with alternative interpretations of gospel
(Which he usually heard through his church)
And loudly disdained her chapter and verse
Cutting her short, the son was often nonplussed
So one day he said “Let’s play a game, Mom”
“Let’s see how good’s your vocabulary and spelling”
(A worthy test, they both were avid readers)
(And he devastated ‘Scrabble’ gamers on the ‘net’)
“Let’s start with words beginning in ‘S’ and three syllables”
Challenging her to spell ‘smorgasbord’, which she did
Now her turn, she wracked her brain for a stomper
And out of ‘the blue’, so to speak
This word she had never used before came up
“Okay, son, my word is ‘SOPHISTRY”, she said
To this the son declared “Foul. There’s no such word”
The mom said, “I know I’ve come across it someplace”
“Then how’s it spelled?” he accessed his smartphone
“S-O-P-H-I-S-T-R-Y”, the mom called out
The son never doubted his smartphone
He found the word in an online dictionary
And spelled just as the mom had said it
Then the son was uncharacteristically quiet
(He was rarely at a loss for words-no pun intended)
“So, what does it mean?” the mom finally asked
And in a strained and subdued voice, he read
“ ‘Sophistry: a method of argument that is seemingly
Plausible though actually invalid and misleading.’ ”
The mom was no less stunned than the son
It became an awesome lesson to them both
For God had given a mild reproof to the son
And worked His ‘mysterious ways’
Through the patient and faithful mom

By Jahgirl


The Cellphone and the Toilet

My cellphone plopped in the toilet
Just as I flushed a bowel movement
Too late I reached to retrieve it
So the loo’s backed up all weekend
My gloved hand searches down the trap loop
And feels not a single thing there
And so my cellphone, in the watery poop
Goes neither up or down inside somewhere
Come Monday I’m loathe to conclude
A plumber’s got to be called to fix it
A struggling single mother, I’m in no mood
To juggle my funds to come up with it

But…..just before I dial I think to try
A prayer to God to dislodge that phone
I wondered: ‘For THIS will He hear my cry?’
Yet I knew His help is free, His alone
And so a prayer I whispered to myself
And tried that toilet for one more flush
And that cellphone, I rejoiced with a yelp
‘Cause up and into the toilet bowl it gushed!
One thing I learned and learned it well
Jehovah God considers prayers big and small
I implore you, believe it or not, this tale I tell
He’ll even be your roto-rooter if you but call

November 17, 2014



The Tow-Truck

So let’s get one thing straight

I don’t claim to be a magician

Nor a fortune teller or mystic

No, none of that


But there came again a time

One of many, sad to say

When my very difficult husband

Yes, made me flee


A friend rented me her condo

So I could afford to move

Me and two kids in one bedroom

Yes, it would do


I parked where I thought I should’ve

In the carport assigned to her

It was the right one I’d thought

Yes, I was pretty sure


Moving, how costly and tiring

I laid down just for a sec

Into a relieved sleep I tumbled

Yes, peace..sweet peace at last


Thoughts came of the nice home

How well-maintained and sedate

I even had a small patio

Not a leaf out of place


My little car was parked smugly

Protected from the sun

And its flashing red and blue flares

No wait…that’s not a sunny glare!

A tow truck’s beacon was flashing

The driver sizing up my car

Then he got a steel bar from somewhere

Yes….it was a shimmy!


Disturbed, I aroused myself

Guess I’d been sleeping soundly

Something nagging about my car

Yes, I’d better look


I stepped out my door and stared

At the scene before my eyes

A tow truck driver heading to my car

But yes, I got there first!


Opening the door, I started the car

And hurriedly backed out

The tow-man was cursing and fuming but

No way…his fee was rent!


To be sure I’ve not had such a thing

A ‘vision’–happen to me since

This ‘seeing’ my life happen ahead of time

No….no other time I don’t think


Whatever reason I was given that gift

I’m awfully awfully glad

For being the blessed beneficiary

Of my God’s hidden hand

 By Jahgirl  12/15/14





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