Birds Eye View

There I stood on the cusp of a new world

A restored era before me was dawning

And I wondered if God was just yawning


Behind me the cities were smoldering

Before me the road seemed foreboding

The line of those ahead of me slowing


I saw some staggering back all aghast

I passed many fallen alongside the way

If I got to the front, what would God say?


I had no real sense of the time it took

For me to reach the dividing line

But I fretted over my life many times


There were mis-steps mistakes misdeeds

Many times I should have known better

Before I came to repent wayward errors


Now I stood before my God, Jehovah

My head low in meekness, knees shaking

It felt like the whole Earth was quaking


I cried out to him earnestly, sorrowfully

‘Father, I found you so late in my life’

‘For wasting my youth I’m contrite’


‘I’d loved the diluted Word of the churches’

‘Went after pleasure, kept your Book on a shelf’

‘Sought man’s knowledge, deluded myself ‘


‘I wasn’t so smart as I’d thought at the time’

‘I finally came around to see the illusion’

‘Of this satanic world’s hatred, confusion’


‘Wisely I became your witness myself’

‘My answered prayer was that knock on my door’

‘But I could’ve done so much, much, much more’


Jehovah God decided I needed perspective

He opened a scrapbook, showed me a few

Events in my life from His bird’s eye view


‘Dear One, from your birth to your death’

‘Your heart was always something I ‘liked’ ‘

‘I’ve kept all the ‘pics’ of the things you did right’


‘I saw your path from darkness to light’

‘And all the bad to good in life you pursued’

‘I well know your merit from my Bird’s Eye View!’


By Jahgirl