Earth has called a time out

And Jehovah has heard

The skies are now clearing

We can now hear the birds

Man’s ways’ve been harmful

Rapacious brutal cruel

Relentless in rendering

Our earth a mere tool

God’s program was clear

From the very beginning

‘Take care of the earth’

There would be no ending

An error soon occurred

Malicious sons intruded

God wiped the earth clean

Reset and renewed it

He made a loving vow

Not to repeat destruction

Man took this free rein

To become a global glutton

Our earth became provider

Of every resource desired

By men fat in their wealth

While life everywhere expired

All men slaved for riches

Forgot their spiritual need

Unheeded earth’s demise

In their struggle and greed

Forgot their original charge

To care for their earthen gift

Just worked like no tomorrow

And gave God shortest shrift

They only worked and played

Then slaved that much more

Built towers and kingdoms

Life had become just a chore

They ignored one vital fact

Computer programmers know

It’s called the Break Point

When the program begins to slow

Then soon it eventually stops

Its system fully interrupted

Because the error’s magnitude

Has proven so corrupted


We’ve an Almighty Programmer

Perfect in whatever’s His will

His Break Point clicked in

The fatal error was revealed

Signaling debugging needed

Of a virulent malicious ‘worm’

Called Coronavirus covid-19

Which would end our norm

Man’s own program waned

And as if on a treadmill

Men were forced to jump

Their efforts only piecemeal

And their mishaps now halted

Earth began to rebound

The butterflies seen again

Clear blue skies all around

The broken system finally

Had reached the foretold


    All back-breaking frenzy stopped

Giving relief from backache

A time for man and earth

To both catch a blessed break



By Jahgirl

April 2, 2020