By Many Names/2nd version


You are the ‘FOREKNOWN’

        And ‘FIRSTBORN’

Born in little Nazareth

Too small to even be counted

Among the ‘Chosen’ towns of Judah

Swaddled in a manger

As there was nowhere else to go

You were just a ‘twig’ of a great tree

Yet a precious Child of God

Just ‘a root’, in a waterless land

One thought to be brittle and desiccated

Fit only to be thrown upon the trash heap

Yet you would become, little twig

Able to bountifully feed thousands

As if you were a vast field of tall ripe wheat


You were the ‘Beginning of HIS Way’

Glad before your father all the time

You joined in the creation

Of the Earth out of the unknowable void

Learning all at the knee

Of your Father Almighty God

In awe as the dust formed landmasses

And oceans filled from rivers

Flowing from springs of the watery deeps

Mountains emerged and rose

To reach the very cloud masses

You marveled at your Father’s decrees

Limiting the wave’s encroachment upon the shores

With Him you set the very foundations of the Earth


Jesus, ‘WISDOM’

You watched in breath-taking awe

As the life-giving breath of your Father

Enlivened all kinds of souls

Man and animal kinds

And ‘the sons of man’

Became your greatest fondness

For in your image

And that of your Father

Were made the man and the woman

And there was unbounded delight

In watching these souls

Frolic upon your joint creation

This Earthly garden paradise

A masterpiece, O MASTER WORKER!

What you and your Father have wrought!

How splendidly robed are your ‘lilies of the field’

And lush, the well-watered trees

Feeding souls and shading them

Yes, you saw that all of it was good

And delighted in the joy of the sons of man


Then came a serpent, O DIVINE APPRENTICE

Slickly coiling his lies around Eve

She enticed Adam to join her in sin

As God’s command they refused to heed

Alas! Man’s life-everlasting was lost.



Tells the Bible account in Job

All the angelic sons of Jehovah, your Father

Gathered in session before Him

Even the one called Satan deigned to appear

From his ‘roving and walking about’ the Earth

In his haughty regard, all was not well

For men, like the one named Job

Were only lovers of God to their own advantage

He dared to rebuke Jehovah God

Who considered Job a righteous servant

And fell out of His favor–a ‘rebeller’

Now known to us as ‘Devil’

He contends for dominance over Jesus

Who Defends Jah’s honor up to this very day


Yes, there is the one called MI’CHA`EL

–or ‘who is like God?’

He is a fearsome warrior against evil

A FOREMOST PRINCE in the spirit realm

So said that messenger from God to Daniel

‘And the only one who held strong

And stood with me against the ‘Prince of Persia’

Now the messenger was preparing for the coming battle

With the Prince of Greece, he said to Daniel

‘And no one is supporting me but one


MI’CHA’EL—‘who is like God’—

Yes, Jesus, it is again, you



Jesus, next you came in the flesh

MESSIAH….the Christ….


His only begotten son

This time not for battle, but peace

To model sacrificial love

Toward man, toward God

Life for life

Your own relinguished

To overturn human death

To restore your Father’s purpose

And for your human sacrifice upon the Roman stake….


A crown–KING of KINGS!

Jehovah has placed you on his right

You’ve brought everlasting glory to your Father

And at the appointed time

Soon now

Will return everlasting goodness to man



(9/15/2013 first written)

By Jahgirl