Divine Residence

Where does my God
And His name-
That place that we should seek?
I have heard it is a crag
And a stronghold
And sits at a secure height
It is of course a holy place
A place of comfort and dignity
Filled with His glory and his grace
A place to bring gifts and sacrifices
A place where one will be blessed
And one’s soul is caressed
For such a place there was gathered
The first stones by Abraham
When Isaac was offered up in sacrifice
But instead ‘God provided’ a ram
For Abraham’s thankful altar….JEHOVAH-JI’REH

Then unhewn stones were gathered
And piled high in a heap by Noah
When the Ark so bleached and tattered
Survived the Flood and rested on Mt Ararat
He and his wife and three sons
And all the animals by at least twos
Accepted assignment of blessed ones
To reseed and repopulate the earth
Thus the piled stones of Noah’s hearth
Is called ‘God is refuge’ …JEHOVAH-NIS’SI

Though Gideon made unfermented dough
And boiled goat for God’s visiting angel
He felt inadequate and feared a death blow
Should he dare with him to tangle
Instead the angel pointed his staff
And consumed the food in startling fire
Did not harm him and left him at last
In relief Gideon built a rocky byre
In high commendation he called it
Jah’s ‘altar of peace’….JEHOVAH-SHA’LOM

The Most Holy altar for all
The home of our God when on earth
Was built in Jerusalem’s Temple
A residence of unparalleled worth
But by their most heinous act
Crucifixion of His son by frame-up
The Chosen People were called to account
The Most Holy curtain ripped-up
Now it’s an altar desecrated…JEHOVAH HAS ABANDONED

Where now will our God reside?
What rock has proved solid and steady?
Under which crag can His Word abide?
The place sanctified and ready?
Why, the ‘new foundation stone’ nee Jesus
Meaning ‘Jehovah is Salvation’
This new altar home is spacious
Prepared now to house all the nations
They built upon Christ’s shed blood…
And within them He will live….JAH’S FAITHFUL WITNESS

July 07, 2014

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