It’s said that ‘hindsight is 2020’

Looking behind, one sees more clearly

And there’s a point to be made re foresight

When it comes from our Christ so dearly


Through his apostle John he’d revealed

When humanity would have to pay

For their refusal to accept and obey

What all God’s commandments say


In a splendid display of his foresight

He’d warned of calamities unbound

 Of four horsemen bringing forth to us

Events that would frighten and astound


Now here we are in a ‘2020’ world, so to say

Could Jesus’ vision be any more fortuitous?

As phenomenal disasters unfold before our eyes

Tell me, what do all these things say to us?


Horrid events at levels never seen before

Cataclysms of historic proportions

Causing destruction and annihilation

Of the biosphere and climatic distortions


Lightning strikes sparking ‘firenadoes’

Earth being scorched, unending fires raging

Heatwaves immolating earth’s frigid poles

Predatory warring nations ever-engaging


Voracious locusts and murder hornets

Earthquakes swarming, lands sinking

Cyclones recloning, typhoons looming

Body bags building up, truly stinking


Add to this an invisible virulent virus

Bringing on a merciless pandemonic

A contagion so covert and never imagined

Called ‘coronavirus’… now a global pandemic


Man’s ‘2020 hindsight’ is Jesus’ foresight

As he foresaw himself on a white steed

Coming to take back the earth from evil

Gathering all the faithful ones he’d lead


Another rider he saw astride a fiery horse

Granted to bring those wars upon earth

Many lands would soak in innocent blood

Yet those ones he’d promised a rebirth


A third rider arrived upon a black stallion

This one withholds from man a full larder

As well: jobs, homes, love, comfort, health

Making sure mankind’s existence is harder 


Finally, a fourth rider whose horse is pale

Calling out on behalf of God – ‘revenge is mine’

He wields the scythe of deserving death

Being granted to fell a fourth of mankind


No truer words – ‘hindsight is 2020’

We start to see Jesus’ visions unfolding

All starting this year -2020 -ironically

All revealed events now uploading


By Jahgirl

October 6, 2020