Ms Irrepressible

A friend I have in the world
A nicer person there are few
She is truly sweet and kind
She is mild while just a little wild
Having fun is all so she is ‘blind’

About the world she romps
Her view of things is always rosy
In the pink she can see no evil
Nor does her ear ever evil hears
Thus she can’t acknowledge the ‘Devil’

Other folk’s pain is ‘over there’
Her life is one to enjoy and savor
In her universe ‘it’s all good’
The bad? That, too, shall pass
So might, I fear, her knowing God

While a most wonderful lady
The spiritual seems not on her radar
Any mention veers off to the trivial
Seems God’s Word cuts our cord
As I move along with Jehovah

For she knows I’m his servant
And therefore I often demur
With that she’s fine, no introspection
No questions, yet no apostasy
So I will pray in hopeful expectation

By Jahgirl