Last Time With Jesus

O Jesus, wondrous man

Jesus, wondrous perfect man

Your last earthly Passover meal

We must never ever forget

You graced us with your presence

And taught us to ‘say grace’

It was a repast of supreme meaning

Of loyalty and love for your Father

Of mildness and meekness, their power

O Dear Jesus, you poured out

One last glass of wine

Meaning the life in your spilt blood

You passed unleavened bread

Meaning the spirit of your undefiled body

And kindly asked of those of us

– Your disciples –

‘Keep doing this in remembrance of me’

The first Passover lamb in Egypt

Saved that Jewish generation

You are ‘the lamb’ that now redeems

The whole human conglomeration

You cleaned our mucky feet

To mean our sinful souls

With your purest waters

And dried them with your loincloth

You’d prepared a hospitable table

And talked joyously among us

For your glorious preaching was done

And you knew you were heavenbound

This meal was a time of rejoicing!

We miss and love you, Dear Lord

But on Nisan 14 we too must be glad

For truth, your death gave back

The everlasting hope we once had

Thus at sundown each year up til now

All your faithful and true

Will once again gather en masse

To pass wine and bread amongst us

Only your Anointed will partake

While a great crowd will see the emblems

Doing what little we do

In remembrance of you

In the full moon of this Nisan 14


Nisan 14, 2017

(Per Hebrew calendar)