Makeup Test

To those of us still living and aware

It’s become absolutely clear

That the spirit of this world

Is satanically severe

Just as the good things of God

Are countless

The evil deeds of these times

Are immeasurably ruthless

And man’s forewarned future

Under this unchecked culture


Thus many find themselves reeling

Not looking back or ahead

The better to escape the feeling

Of impending dread

The better not to see man’s chaotic gasping

Just trying to enjoy

A few moments worth grasping

The earth and mankind’s eventual demise

A foregone conclusion in their eyes

So how did we come to this sorry pass?

Simply this: that the first man Adam

Failed to succeed in God’s simple test–

Not to eat of the good and bad seed

Of one perspicacious tree

Or they would find what its like not to be

But he and Eve were confronted

With a sly serpent who taunted–

 ‘You will NOT die…do as you please’

‘You’ll be like God in his image, you see’

So Adam allowed Eve to convince

That eating the forbidden made sense

This cost Adam his everlasting life

And all men after him pain and strife

But where Adam had failed

Jesus prevailed

How to explain this magnanimous feat

That Jesus’ effected in the same Adamic test?

Look, he carried the weighty whole

Of the Law of Moses

Instead of just the one thing

Adam should not have chosen

Like Adam, Jesus lived ate worked like any man

Like Adam, he ‘walked with’ God in prayer

Satan, of course, tempted him as well

And offered all the kingdoms of the world

Jesus declined this offer he found dismal

Jesus made it clear to that tempter

‘I do nothing – nor say anything

Of my own will at all’

‘Only that of the Father who sent me’

No one could turn him off that path

No matter the disdain or the pharisee’s wrath

No matter the Sanhedrin’s kangaroo court

Nor the crown of thorns they made him sport

Not the brutal whipping by Roman troops

Nor nails in his hands and feet

Then lifting him upon a torture stake

They offered him sour wine his thirst to slake

And gambled his clothes for mere pennies

He said not a word against them

Yet comforted a man near him repentant

Suffering a crucifixion sentence

Even in his most agonizing death throes

His eyes looked heavenward

Toward the kingdom he knew he’d go

Yes, to vindicate God he didn’t fail

Enduring it all so that he’d prevail

Jesus succeeded in God’s test of life

Showed us it was worth the fight

How are we, then, to follow Christ?

‘Pick up your own torture stake’

Is his advice

‘Though you are imperfect and weak’

‘Show courage in defending our God’

‘For the earth is promised to the meek’

‘I paid with my life for your re-do’

‘A make-up test to get things right’

‘To be faithful to God…to see it through’


Then in the name of Jesus

As I now breathe

I study…I try to live by Bible principals

I dedicated myself by baptism

To qualify to take this life’s make-up test

Not just to be among those prevailing

In honoring our Almighty Creator

And to vindicate,  for sure

His love, trust and faith in me

As I work hard to perfect

My own test score

By Jahgirl