Most Peculiar


Like no time before

Right now…in this time

We, that is, man

Are unraveling

All the secrets of the universe

By means of our learned men

Our esteemed scientists

Our scholars

Our geologists and archeologists

Our biologists and physiologists

Our astronomers and physicists

Our geneticists and hematologists

From our ancient storytellers

To our most advanced nuclear scientists

Not in all of man’s and earth’s history


Has there ever

Been discovered a mass extinction

Ongoing like now – 2020-2021

Mass EXTINCTION? Heresy!

Our learned men are all in accord:

‘We assure you…by no means!’

Extinction of all life on earth?

By means of a mountain sized comet, yes

By means of tons of ice and snow, yes

By bloody wars and brutal conquest, yes

By means of persistent heating of the planet, yes

By which this last one is again occurring

 And life is once again in peril

But still……LIFE has always rebounded

No matter these monumental catastrophes

Life, as we know it on this planet

Is unconquerable!

All the men of all knowledge of good and bad

All of them agree!

Yet and still, there’s this disturbing

Unstoppable little covert COVID-19 thing

Lethally infecting all the world


A most peculiar…….most peculiar time


By Jahgirl

January 13, 2021