For His Name’s Sake

HE is lightning, the whirlwind, thunder
Can rock and crack the earth asunder
Bursts forth with power of dynamic energy
Orchestrates it all in awesome synergy
His name you will find in The Book
There is but one, please take a look
In Hebrew ‘ha-wah’: ‘he causes to become’
A meaning not too hard to plumb
HE signed with letters Y-H-W-H
And scholars inserted vowels between each
And earth’s children then called their Abba
‘Yahweh’ ‘Yehowah’ ‘Yahuwa’ ‘Jehovah’

Many are his namesake in the Bible
‘wah’ ‘a’ or ‘ah’ makes it possible
Yes, many are the namesake of ‘Jehovah’
Like ‘Jehovah is salvation’- Jehoshua/Joshua
Like ‘salvation is Jehovah’- the prophet Isaiah
Like ‘Jehovah exalts’ – the prophet Jeremiah
Like ‘Jehovah has remembered’ – Zechariah
Like ‘Jehovah has concealed’ – Zephaniah
Like ‘servant of Jehovah’ – the prophet Obadiah
‘Jah comforts’ means – the Temple builder Nehemiah
‘Jehovah strengthens’ per the Judean king Hezekiah
Finally the son, Hebrew name similar to Joshua
Declares also ‘Jehovah is salvation’ – JESUS/Jeshua

By Jahgirl

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