OMG!…There IS a God?

The Big Bang! bubble’s now been deflated

Appears no cosmic mass of matter exploded

In unexplained nuclear mega-energy

This scientific notion’s probably now imploded


A powerful innovation called James Webb*

A gold-plated tinfoil space telescope

Sent billions of miles back ‘to the beginning’

Fully expected to disprove man’s religio-hope


It would prove to naive earthly humans

There was never intentional creativity

No particular design in a ‘creator’s’ mind

No reason for pious sentimentality


Everything simply came to be in a Big Bang!

Ka-boom! and all planetary matter aligned

Around innumerable stars over eons of time

Forming galaxies randomly assigned


So off James Webb was sent soaring afar

Surpassing all telescopes of nearsightedness

Sailing past all manner of galaxies far far away

Having powerful state of the art farsightedness


James was awesomely designed to observe

To travel back ‘to the beginning’, whereby

The source of our known Periodic Table elements

Would still be birthing baby planets thereby


But oh! What was J. Webb shocked to see?

A miasma of formed galaxies older than old

Older than Big Bang’s 13.77 billion years

Uncountable numbers awesome and bold


James Webb TKOed man’s quantum physics

Man’s assertion of an unerring T.O.E.—

His ‘Theory of Everything’ worldview

Now making astrophysicists weep and woe


‘So OMG…there possibly IS a God?’

They now ask, gnashing their teeth in doubt

‘Is the ‘nothingness’ we’ve conjured

Maybe based on something we’ve left out?’


‘That is, ‘something’ or possibly even…‘SOMEONE’

Possessing in QUANTUM everything essential

All the known/unknown elements of the universe

An all-powerful source almighty in potential?’


Men sent James Webb, with his far-reaching eye

To peer into the unknowable void and challenge

The notion that the cause of the universe’s existence

Could on anything but pure scientific theory hinge


It flew past all the known/unknown cosmos

With its magnificent supra-scope tucked in-pod

Its destiny reached it deployed its scope

And came T.O.E to T.O.E and eye-to-eye with….



By Jahgirl

September 28, 2022




*Is the Age of Big Bang Cosmology and the “Science of Scarcity” Finally Coming to an End?,

By Mathew Ehret, Editor in Chief of The Canadian Patriot Review; published on website, September 19, 2022.