Oh hear my OUTCRY, my God, Jehovah!

The misdeeds of the Sons of Destruction

Are over-running us, Father!

We’re seeing our precious earth

Defiled once again since the Great Flood

All of man, the good and the bad

Are overwhelmed and desperate

Overrun, overtaken

By a relentless, ballooning evil

Presenting ITSELF

As our savior!

Staging a fearsome ‘pandemic’

Doping us with its unproven druggery

Colonizing our bodies with unnatural things

Mandating every man ‘eat’ of it

Though it maims, sickens and/or kills

So in control of the whole world

Such that most governments

Media giants, corporations and clergy

Censor all questions and dissent!

You warned us in your Word, O Jah

‘The Whole world is in the power

Of ‘the Wicked One’

But you also assured you wouldn’t abandon us

So being, as we now are, the modern-day

Sodom and Gomorrah

Please hear my OUTCRY, O Jah!

Again rain down fire and brimstone!

‘At an appointed time’, you have said

 ‘When the Angel of Death

Is finally let loose upon the earth

The blood of the lamb

That will cause that avenging angel

To Pass-Over you

Will be my Only Begotten Son, Jesus

Now, Michael the Archangel

Prepare, o mankind!

The ‘appointed time’ is near

Wash yourselves in the pure blood of my Lamb

Renounce all the blood-letting, injecting

And modifying tricks of the evil one!’

Therefore I beg you, dear Jehovah

In your loving-kindness

You have assured all of mankind and I

(with poetic license)

Of your coming redemption from this evil

Because I remenber as in the days of old

It was the OUTCRIES

That moved you to peer down and see

The great evil going on here upon earth

That is why I now cry out!

With moaning and tears and great anguish

May it now be, Father, your appointed time

To look down upon us once again

And hear all our OUTCRIES!

And to please please….ACT!



By Jahgirl

February 4, 2022