“Jehovah is great and most worthy of praise;
His greatness is unsearchable.” Psalm 145:3

“Yes, God is greater than we can know.” Job 36:26


About plants, one day, read something astounding 1
That just like man, they are marvels abounding
One article spoke of their math ability
Another of their unique sunscreen agility
Plants calculate precise solar energy
To make their starch and sugar by CO2 synergy
Which lasts through the sunless nights of rotation
Whether darkness is 8, 12 or 16 hours duration
A feat of ever-changing calculating aplomb
Optimizing its sustenance until the light of dawn
The second thing–we never give a second thought
But plants are under constant UV ray assault
Against DNA damage they produce certain enzymes 2
Which allow them to detoxify and heal themselves

These things—but two of God’s countless feats
Made me shake my head at man’s ambitious conceit
In hindsight, some of us are now understanding
What fools to believe a serpent right at the beginning
‘Eat from this Tree of Knowledge’, it had said
‘Then you will be like God himself ’, he misled
How to compare? That snake had given man nothing
While God’s Eden garden: not one thing was wanting

Thousands of years later, progress moves incredibly
Why, in the last 100 we’ve reached ‘science’ epitome
There’s even the prospect of traveling among the stars
You see, the earth’s been ruined with endless wars
Still, nearer man be to God…thinks he is nearer yet
Closing in on breakthrough, he knows it in his G.U.T.
Geniuses among man call it ‘Grand Unified Theory’
Uniting four natural physical forces is their story
Electromagnetism, weak and strong interaction, gravity
They postulate what they call a T.O.E. in their depravity
This ‘Theory of Everything’ would then be possible
But…it takes just one little thing to make it plausible

An elusive thing they’re calling the ‘God Particle’:
Somewhere among the quarks—a subatomic article
Which, when indubitably found by the colluding
Of 100 countries in smashing atoms for colliding
Will overcome today’s slothful computer stigma
By a ten-trillion-quintillion-computing enigma
This is known by a process physicists call ‘Quantum’
It is man’s nirvana, melagomanic and wanton
Where every and all problems are solved perfectly
In parallel, simultaneously, instantaneously, definitely

In understatement, what arrogance to name that force
That they desire to emulate from that very source!
The ‘God Particle’ indeed, as if man had the right
To wrest from God his sacred secret without a fight
The Serpent’s prophecy has zero chance of fulfillment
Trying to be like’ God shall be man’s only attainment

For the ‘Quantum’ is in God and only God
It’s His vast dynamic energy that gets the nod
He is the sum of all parts….Yes, even particles
He’s the bio-engineer of those written articles

But it is a fool’s quest…His ways are unknown
Bow and be humbled that He even told us His name
‘I will Become What I Choose to Become’ or Jehovah
He is the Quantum we seek…Quantum Jehovah

By Jahgirl

Feb 6, 2016

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