The Conclusion (Matthew 24:3-14)


And as now…

In this year 2020

Mired as we are

In the throes of a quarantined world

A calamitous global pandemic world

Brought on by the skeletal rider of a

Prophesied Pale Horse

Called the Novel COVID-19 coronavirus

Shutting down man’s prodigious



Control systems

And his panoply of entertainment distractions

Now, we too, wonder…

Now, we ask, hopefully…

Just as Jesus’ disciples inquired of him

2000 years ago:


‘When will we know it is


Of this system of things?’


The Apostle Matthew tells us that

Jesus answered thusly, paraphrased:

‘You are going to hear of wars and rumors of war

           Between all nations and kingdoms

    There will be food shortages

          Earthquakes in many places

    Your progeny will be hated

          And killed on account of my name

    And many of them will lose faith

              Betray and even hate one another

    Being misled along with all the peoples

             By the rise of many false prophets

     Lawlessness will increase

             Love of neighbor will decrease

These things must take place’

Jesus then added:

‘But those who endure in that day

             Will be saved’


The Apostle’s must have been heartened

At those last words

And with that Jesus revealed to them

The Sacred Secret

The last occurrence

And final opportunity

That would seal the fate of man

He ended:


“And this good news of the kingdom

Will be preached in all the inhabited earth

For a witness to all the nations



But now, dear reader

The question becomes:

HAS this good news, indeed

Been preached to all the inhabited earth?

Has there been this ‘witness’ to all the nations?

The fruitage of Jesus’  Kingship

By all means,  attests to it:

Through the power of his Father


Whose ‘Witnesses’ began as a dozen

Bible Students in 1887

And now number over 8 million

Are now found in 240 lands

Making up now 119,712 congregations

Leads the world now in the publishing of

Bibles, books, brochures, magazines

Tracts, the internet and videos

Have now logged billions of hours of

Face-to-face preaching

They have now proven themselves

To be as faithful as their king, Jesus

And should be —– but are not 

The so-called elite 1% of the earth …

Rather, they are of the

1/100th of 1% of the earth!!

THE most elite —-

Foot-soldiers of Jesus/Michael the Archangel!


Those questions can now be answered

And the answers are resounding:

‘YES!’ and ‘YES!’

Jesus’ GOOD NEWS has been

      Universally proclaimed!

It has been accomplished!

      Rejoice,  all you faithful ones!

For we are at…….

                     or very near

           The Conclusion

                                  Of this System!



By Jahgirl

March 13, 2020