I. Year 4026 BCE – Paradise Initiated

In the beginning of this system of things

A beautiful garden was bestowed

But Adam and Eve ate the fruit forbidden

So into the uncultivated earth they sowed


II. 2370 BCE –

Humankind Corrupted/Deleted

A righteous man called Noah preached

Against the evil of The Fallen with woman

Those sired children of sin and violence

So God brought a flood upon all man

Yet he, when the waters had receded

Kindly gave eight a chance to begin again


III. 2200 BCE –

An Error of Arrogance

A grandson of Noah so aggressive

Like Cain loved to hunt and contend

His were the first after-flood cities

Heavenward his tower Babel ascended

He declared it the very ‘Gate of God’

Within him false pride had crept

So his language God turned into babble

Across the earth all peoples were swept

Roaming the lands, seeking a place

Building modest homes of sticks and clay

Bearing their families and setting traditions

Struggling to survive each hard-lived day


IV. 1918 BCE –

Gross Moral Failure

Within 300 years there arose an outcry

‘So vile are Sodom and Gomorrah!

In their audacious sexual perversity’

Thus God rained fire upon those immorals

Missiles of brimstone destroyed both cities

Now both rot in the Dead Sea immemorial

Examples once more of things gone awry

And once again men had to suffer and die



V. 1000-600 BCE –

Covenant Broken/Recoded

God entrusted his Law to a chosen people

To be as a beacon to pagan mankind

The light from their pure worship would call

That back in His grace man would find

However the Chosen faltered in God’s purview

Between two kingdoms that rose and fell

And out of their combined 40 kings

Most of them came also to worship the ‘Ba-als’

Even ‘wise’ King Solomon succumbed

Whose wives in his worship weren’t part

Those kings adhered to Law’s letter not spirit

They failed to take prophecy to heart

Their haughtiness led them even to kill

The prophets that God had sent to impart

Truth that would have set them free

Love that was loyal and true

Justice and wisdom and courage

When Messiah came few of them knew

Instead they defamed and then framed him

All God’s plan for the Chosen deferred

Then Rome razed The Temple in 70 CE

God’s ‘promise’ to them he’d deterred


VI. 200 -2018 CE –

Christendom’s Glitch

Nearly two millennia since Jesus died

And what have the nations been up to?

Has loyalty and obedience been manifest?

Is it our God in the heavens we look up to?

It seems violence and hatred’s prevailed

In a world full of bombs drones and war

Images of torn bodies don’t alarm at all

‘Tho as graphic as any video porn ‘star’

Sex and ‘love’ take now many forms

From homo to bi to transgender

Its ‘enlightened’ to accept this depravity

Poisoned wine for a drunken bender

What of ‘The Way’ and of Christendom?

Have the nations held to it avowedly?

Why, look at its’ own ‘seven deadly sins’

Wrath greed sloth pride lust envy gluttony

They’re the titles of shows people ‘like’

There you have this world’s distractions

With ‘superheroes’ to save the day

With their Nephilim powers and actions

The litany of sins and woes are just as

Messiah had forewarned his disciples

See Matthew 24:4-13 for the full list

Of all today’s Forbidden Apples

Also read all of verse 14 if you will

The Good News has reached all ends

By the way of a small witness group

Now what do you suppose that portends? 


VII. 20?? CE –

Last Reboot/Near Error-free

In all God’s Word and His prophecies

Not one thing has NOT been fulfilled

The double negative is for emphasis

May this matter in your brain be distilled

The Almighty has rooted out error

His divine code has written the finale

Of a System whose run-time is terminal

When done….all true Witnesses will rally

Together in chorus from all corners of the Earth

Singing ‘Hallelujahs!’….they’ll all sally forth!



05/02/2018 updated

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