Let us all join voice

And sing sing sing a song

Sing sing a new song

Sing it loud, sing it proud

Sing it long, sing it strong

Sing with love to be heard above

Sing sing a new song for JAH!


A song that has no lyrics

A song that is simply a sound

A song that fairly resounds

And in perfect harmony rebounds

The vibrato begins in Man

Beseeching, loving, unending

Full and deep and crescendo

A song ever so reverent

So slow then accelerando

Soto voce much like a groan

Full of repentance in its moan

This new song sung for JAH!


In chorus from one man to another

The new song soars and cascades

Across seas mountains and promenades

Rocks rattle and roll to the song

Beating their percussive undertone

Flowers and trees sway to the song

The Praying Mantis prays ‘Glory!’

Serenely adagio at first the chirps

A cacophony of twitters and tweets

Such trilling amidst all of Earth’s birds

Beyond the heavens they are heard!

This new song sung for JAH!


Baa-baa! bleating from the sheep

Neigghhh! snuffle the horses

Yap and howl call the dogs and wolves

Fish burble in river courses

Monkey’s screeches are muted

They add sharp counterpoint

To the urgent buzzzzz! of the bees

And pigs excited grunts and oinks

Elephant’s snouts blow a trumpet blare

Lions roar in thunderous concert

In low bass tones growl all the bears

Crocs launch a litany of burps

Then dolphins whistle so cheerily

To the tune of whale’s a-sing-singing

The camel’s teeth make a clattering

While a flurry of doves go a-winging

What a song being sung for JAH!


This music upon the Earth resonates

Its very core and mantle reverbs

Earth sends its own voice heavenward

Enrapt in this chorale superb

Now the virtuoso voice joins in

The Fine Shepherd singing so pure

With him all creation in Unison

With their God their reward so sure

All exalt in joy in their singing for JAH!

In their new song being sung for JAH!

By Jahgirl