We, the Foot Soldiers

An ages-old battle rages

As it has from the very beginning

As told from Genesis’ pages

From outside the Garden of Eden


Its yet still an epic and cosmic battle

Between two angelic sons of God

Whose rule will man be saddled?

For one rules with love, the other, a rod


The princely one of darkness regales

In using God’s Creation as his toy

He is gleeful in being so haled

As the exalted who chaos deploys


But our Prince of Light has checked

That dark one’s plots of evil intent

For ages our Prince, alone, has kept

The Creation and blinded man intact


Some 6000 years until today

 Our world now seems on the brink

Emboldened evil is more in play

Earth systems become more extinct


Our ‘Light’ has been a warrior true

During times of hopeless ‘darkness’

He’s battled from beyond the blue

Man oblivious to his kindness


Now Daniel’s Sacred Secret unfolds

A timeline right down to this day

A ‘time of the end’ Gabriel foretold

When godly men would enter the fray


Just as it was counted to AD 1919

In decoding Daniel’s secret from God

One hundred years today from then

They witness to God’s name* with his nod!


We, the foot soldiers, for our Prince

Hear his orders and cover his flanks

The advance of his Good News is intense

And we, his foot soldiers, give thanks! 


By Jahgirl

February 20, 2019

                                                         * Jehovah