What the Space Mote Saw

A Story Poem

Psalm 111:2 “The works of Jehovah are great;

they are studied by all those finding pleasure in them.”

Greetings fellow Moteans, wherever you are…I have an extraordinarily odd story to tell…

I come from a place in the cosmos and a galaxy far far away, as I’m sure you do as well. Perhaps you are as fortunate as I, a solitary speck of space dust equipped with inborn thrusters, that propel me through the vacuum-void of space upon the solar winds.

Most humbly, I say to you, I’ve been to many points of the great and unknown vastness of the universe….and everywhere, every star system I’ve come across and their unique planets—are eye-poppingly splendiferous, let me tell you!

But the story I have to tell is about the one that was like no other. The only thing it shared with the others is that it was, indeed, very far… far away. I first caught sight of a curious glint persisting through the black void of space which compelled me to satisfy my curiosity by taking a closer look.

I rode the solar winds toward that glint of light….

I soared toward it and, finally, from 100 million miles away its almost incandescent blue-green and white circle began to balloon into view and….it was breathtaking!

I circled the—comparatively—small planet several times, taking in the magnificent view.  But I was anxious to get closer—after all, I didn’t have all day!

At roughly 150,000 miles from the planet’s surface I began to feel the exhilarating energies of the ultra-violet rays and electrically charged ions that swirled around it….

    …..at 70,000 miles closer, I was within its gaseous envelope where I became aware of the X-rays and ultraviolet radiation from its sun starting to dissipate……

    …closing in at less than 100 miles from the surface I noted an ozone layer that worked to further absorb its sun’s high-energy ultra-violet waves …

         ….the planet seemed to have an inordinately strong gravitational pull and I had no trouble closing in…..

   …….a mere 50 miles from the surface I found myself entering a billowing mass of white clouds composed of one oxygen and two hydrogen molecules blanketing much of the planet.

I continued to thrust down toward the surface until its terrafirma finally showed itself in fascinating detail:    

         …….first, a sprawling landscape of numerous mountains, many of which rose even above the clouds that surrounded me…

Then as I traversed the circumference of the planet, I began to see many, many lifeforms

        —an innumerable variety—roaming about the planet!

Uncountable they were!

Creatures of all shapes, sizes, types, colors, propensities…moving about on the grounds below…

      …..and swimming in the bodies of waters….

      …..even flying about in the airspaces of the planet!

Never had I ever seen such a display of living specimens in any sector of the universe!

It was the first time I began to doubt the extent of my travels—

      –of what I’d thought was an exhaustive knowledge of the unknowable universe!

Well, that sounds contradictory, I guess…but you know what I mean.

The proliferation of life here….LIFE!…was overwhelming!

And among all those living creatures, there was one alone which walked about upon two legs versus the four legs of the preponderance of the other roving creatures.

These ones—I’ll call them the two-leggeds—seemed to have undertaken a more deliberate construction of their habitats…stringing them together in organized groupings.

Delirious in my wonderment, I spun around as if a micro whirlwind…could this actually be intelligent life I was witnessing!

Up to this point I had not been privileged to see such in all my travels!

I was determined to make an even deeper inspection, so I thrust my way toward an orifice of one of the two-leggeds and….

        ……………Icky Galoopy-suckpus!!

I found myself enmeshed in a gluey-hair forest of glop that impeded nearly any progress into the recesses of this creature.

Happily, I found exit through another orifice that brought me into a translucent orb.

This orb’s mechanism seemed to allow me to ‘see’ the two-legged’s lensview of his world as he saw it laid out before him in all its dimensions. 

But also, more…much more.

The ‘orb’ seemed to possess connectors to other senses…auditory, olfactory, gustatory, tactile….all connected to an inherent control center synching all its senses in balance with its overall movements.

And something more: I detected a profound…awareness in the two-legged…

    ….the ability to arrange patterns…to have ideations…to internalize emotions…

This two-legged creature seemed sensate in an interdimensional orientation to, not only the planet, but beyond….to perhaps the sun about which his planet revolved.

Indeed, it was sensate to a degree approaching a nebulous realm I had often wondered about…but could only content myself with theories of endless speculation.


How was this possible?

The vastness of space was so devoid of life…and yet here I was seeing something against my entire cosmic view of a universe full of little but an amazing assortment of planetary oddities.

I exited the Two-Legged through its open orb pits and caught the planet’s ever-swirling wind currents back up..up..up…to the clouds.

There I set my thrusters for a rapid and forceful dive down into the canopy of the planet, whose mountainous and hilly outcroppings were lushly covered in multi-colored growths of unending variety. I entered tall stands of countless kinds of branching plants—many shades of green, bushy-topped and of every size down to the sparsest surface stubble.

I dove beneath the stubble, into the planet’s dirt pan, which was predominately made up of moist fibrous– almost microscopic– particles much like myself..

They were milling about…creeping, crawling, squirming, digging, pooping, shedding exo-skins, mating…so many creatures of every such configuration imaginable that I could not be sure that I had not traversed to yet another planet!

Rather than become a meal as some squiggled in my direction-and others seemed disturbed by me-I turbo-screwed down deeper into the loam, fleeing into yet….

…. another dimension?

Here were creatures that only because of my own near-microscopic translucence, I could clearly see, for they were of the same order: microscopic…..and mostly translucent.

They were spread throughout this deeper layer of the mantle humus  in stringy irregular shapes and spikes and modulations of colors in an unbroken connectiveness and interactive catacombing…..or maybe I could put it this way too—encapsulating–the entirety of the planet in their unbroken webbing.

Their sheer multitude was of a quantity to challenge the numbers of the stars in all of the cosmoses put together! 

I know this to be true, for I took it upon myself to circumnavigate throughout the planet’s mantle in order to satisfy my unquenchable curiosity to know everything I could about this unique globe.

In truth, I would dare to call this particular discovery, by itself, an Internal Cosmos! 

This phenonmena seemed to hold together the wholeness of all the thriving life of this planet! #

I was awed…..stunned…even REVERENT

       …well, as much as a space moat could be, that is.

After all, I was privileged to be a witness—maybe the discoverer of this most exotic planet!!

Me—a mere space-traveling interloper—

Coming across what was the most magnificent, dynamic…

    ….and I’m just going to call it what it unequivocably was…

–The Most Quintessent planet!–

This planet was by far the most essential, elemental and perfect embodiment of all the heavenly bodies in the universe!

The Quantum Universe

I ask you again, dear reader…..


More importantly…..





By Jahgirl

July 30, 2021


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