Beyond the ‘RE’ and Back ‘Again’

Has it ever been as bad as this?
Perhaps it has—this twisted world
But, no….in restrospect…
Even the rabid homosex-masochism of Sodom
And Gomorrah has now been surpassed!
We’re living now an altogether unique
And horrible nightmare beyond the imagining
Of those sodomites of Old Testament times
And why so?
Because the Devil has come down to us!
No longer from the far, far and away stars
Does he incite sin, hatred and warfare
No, we get it on assured prophecy from
Almighty God himself
That in ‘the time of the end’
War would ‘break out’
Between two of His foremost sons:
Jesus, his Christ
And Satan, the thorn in His side
Jesus would knock Satan out of the heavens
(..and God help us!)
…down, down to the earth among us…
Up close and personal and raging!
Every second, hour, day and month!
For us poor earthly souls that means…
Trouble, trouble, toil and conflict never-ending
Satan began with the first global conflict
World War I…then World War II…
And now the beginnings of WW III is brewing
While inbetween those small national wars
Keep raging too numerous to mention
And we keep seeing EVIL go from just bad
To perverse…to worse…to ridiculously despicable
As each day boils and roils on
The malignant societies in which we live have, indeed
Boiled up from the very depths of some smoldering abyss
Where I am certain Satan and his minions hide out
While darkly conspiring to get back to the ‘heavens’
(A ride with Musk on Space One anyone?)
Meanwhile, certain of his abettors-the WEF*-for short
Have haughtily and smugly
Taught us all about that prefix: ‘re’ – ‘again’
Advising us of their planned Great REset
Our world is to be made over by use of Artificial Intelligence
Pandemic terror, digital controls and gender fluidity
All, of course, in the image of…well, I’ll let you surmise
‘But have no fear’ people
That same Bible chapter foretells another ‘re’
Another ‘again’, ‘back to’, ‘backward motion’
We can truly say, another ‘RE-set’
God Almighty Jehovah has decreed His original
And HOLY purpose for the earth
And mankind will also be ‘re’, ‘again’–
In The REsurrection

By Jahgirl
May 29, 2023

• World Economic Forum

My life is a dedication as a Witness to Jehovah, Almighty God. This endeavor is based on the songs and praises to Jehovah as set out in the Psalms of the Bible......"It is good to sing praises to our God." Psalm 147:1