2018April(Easter Sunday)Fools Day

A cosmic double entendre

This very auspicious year, 2018

For that observance known as ‘Easter’

A day supposedly revering JESUS.


Falls this year on Sunday, April 1st

Imagine that!

Which day also just happens to be:


Variously called ‘All Fools Day’

A day, nevertheless…for ‘fools’

A prank-filled day

Gleefully celebrated in all western cultures

And which appropriatelythis year

Will be in perfect conjunction

With all the spurious merrymaking  

Surrounding bunnies–both chocolate and real

And children hunting for their hidden

Pastel-painted eggs

On church lawns and even at the White House

All of it in delightful recognition

Of rabbit fruitfulness, if nothing else

And that has somehow been contorted away

From the vernal equinox/Spring/rebirth and New Life

Representative of the RISEN JESUS CHRIST

Into a ‘moveable feast’ called ‘Easter’

A name slyly reminiscent of a pagan fertility goddess

Variously known as Eostre, Ishtar, Ashtur

Get it?

Goddess names which are extrapolated

From the Biblical story of defiant Nimrod

And the historical record of his widow Semiramis

Who managed to concoct, in effect

A fantastical story involving her dead son Tammuz

And his miraculous rebirth as ‘Nimrod reborn’

A lie way too long to go into here

But it led to her being worshipped in the pagan world

As ‘The goddess of fertility’

Eostre, Ishtar, Ashtur..Easter

And, well.APRIL FOOL, y’all!!

It is her superlative fertility

Resulting in the ‘rebirth’ of Tammuz, then

For which you are observing

The pagan goddess Ashtur….’Easter’

This 1st of April. April Fools Day!

This same day as ‘Easter’ Sunday

Seems to be that in this…

The two thousand and eighteenth Year of our LORD

‘Easter’ turns out to be the very definition

Of a Fool’s Day!

Kind of cosmically appropriate

Wouldn’t you say?

April Fools.’Easter’.the same day?

This year?


By Jahgirl