A Divine Anagram: GOD, Good, Dog


God is Jah, Almighty and All-Good

And ‘good’—

One might also say—

Is all things ‘doG’!

Because man mightily loves his doG!

Mightily adores his doG!

He must, perforce, love and adore GOD!

Please let me elucidate

GOD, in his great goodness…created the doG

Especially for us humans

Dogs, you see, do good too!

Especially for us humans

And man loves them, oh so much!

Man’s ‘best friend’ we’re known to call them

And what human soul can resist the love of his doG?

They’re loving and forgiving

Each one with an engaging personality

Always faithful, always tail-waggingly excited to see you

What man can resist their yips and jumps for joy!

They’re slobberingly playful, surprisingly intelligent

Able to track its lost way back home from 100s of miles afar

Unabashedly loyal, depressed when you’re away

And as if all this was not enough

They’re so attuned to us humans

That they’re able to discern our emotional state

Then adorn us with wet licks of tenderness and comfort

Or soulfully gaze at us if they sense sickness in our bodies!

What’s not to love in a doG?

Or in the one this perfect gift is modeled after

Who along with Jesus, is the (animal soul) image of

It is the good one who created the doG

That mighty and good one

Who is the epitome, the namesake of…


GOD, is who

Good, is he

JEHOVAH is his doG tag


By Jahgirl

August 7, 2022