Regardless of every atrocity, catastrophe,
And assaultive indignity
That the demon-possessed
Mind can conceive…..
In spite of all the poisonous, addictive,
Pharmacia/druggery concoctions
That the co-opted ‘personhood’
Of corrupted corporations can spew…..
Despite all genocide, ethnic cleanse and war,
Gang rape, torture, murder, terror and mayhem
That satanic geo-political ‘kings’ bring to bear…..
And no matter the subtler seductive entrancement
Of glitz, ‘bling’, money, sex and all things perverse
Glorified in those ‘stars’ and idols of greed
For which some lust to follow and emulate…..
None of the attributes above
Of the full-blown fiendish holocaus
Befallen upon fallen man
Can keep faithful men from loving Jehovah

HIS spirit is fertile
So fruitful productive
Man survives
Man’s soul yet lives
Indeed, man thrives
Jah’s powers energize
In abundance Jah gives and gives
Man’s spirit lives and lives

By Jahgirl

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