This faithful man….a son

Purer than a newborn babe

Became a man misunderstood

Thrown about and derided

Intimidated by Roman soldiers

Abandoned by friends

Judged to be ‘the liar’

Upon the testimony of liars

Viciously scorned by his rabbis

Who pardoned a murderer

Over mercy to their unknown redeemer

Demanding Caesar to proclaim

The most drastic execution:


But first humiliated, spat upon

Mocked, slapped, scourged

Draped as ‘the King of the Jews’

In a scarlet cape and a crown of thorns

After that…

The stake and two iron spikes

One pierced both hands

The other both feet  

Splitting blood-soaked flesh and bone

From this man, a last lament:

‘Father…why have you forsaken me!’

A shuddering last breath

Instantly mid-day became mid-night

The earth quaked violently in horror

Such that the nearby dead

Were thrust from their graves

             Jehovah, anguished in his Great Temple

             Ripped the cherubic curtain separating

            The ‘Most Holy’ from the mere ‘Holy’

     From very top to very bottom

Severing forever his covenant

With those who had been his Chosen People

Releasing a cosmic fury of pain, sorrow

And tears the likes of which would wither stars

Were it not for his divine self-control

Watching, as he had to

The ignoble torture of his most noble

Humble obedient faithful servant

His only begotten son

Whose sacrifice refuted forever

Satan’s damning lie:

That men did not have to die!

Yet this son – this man had died

(As had all men before him)

Just as his father had warned all along

However, the son would live again forever

At the right hand of his father

And now sits there

 Gently wiping his Father’s tears away


By Jahgirl