And Everything Changed

In four fifths of God’s Scriptural Canon
He gives great attention to ‘The Chosen’
The ascendant ‘seed’ of Abraham
Those carved out as His special possession
Their namesake was Jacob or ‘Israel’
And to them only God revealed his name
It was always these four letters: YHWH
They embodied every divine possibility
For YaHWeH unleashed his forces of nature
Against a haughty and belligerent Egypt
Made Pharaoh release Israel from its bondage
And send them off with gold and silver treasure
He parted the great Red Sea for escape
Made water gush from rock to slake their thirst
Fed them manna and quail in the desert
Led them by towering cloud by day
Comforted with bright fiery pillar at night
And as they huddled in their nomadic tents
HE was always with them in His own Tent of Meeting
And for their part Israel vowed to YaHWeH
‘We will be your witnesses before the nations!’
But a month’s-long journey took them 40 years
Due to their unrepentant presumptuousness
Because of their lack of insight and reverence
And their ungrateful esteem for YaHWeH
Therefore, are not all their trials and tribulations
Their bondage and miraculous escapes
Through seas and wilderness and famine
Their wars and treachery and rebelliousness
Their brave Moses, David and warning prophets
And O, their reliance, finally, on foreign armies
On pagan Ba’als and impotent ‘sacred poles’
And their eventual plight some 3000* years later
Under Roman oppression, humiliation and misery
And how, audaciously, they awaited ‘Elijah’
According to the prophet Malachi
And later, their gall, to pine for ‘Messiah’
According to Daniel’s vision
(Elijah…Messiah, would vanquish their enemies
And resurrect their entitled dignity!)
Just as before and long ago
When they had vowed before YaHWeH
To be ‘witnesses’ of his sovereign power
Are not all these things written down
In the books of the times of Israel and Judah?
Does not the retelling of their great story
Take up most of the space in YaHWeH’s Book?

Then lo! ‘Elijah’ did indeed come
But he came only to baptize in the guise of ‘John’
Born six months before ‘Messiah’, his cousin
Laying the path for that one, called Jesus
‘Jehovah is Salvation’ his name means
Lovingly known to us now as Jesus, the Christ
Both he and John slain by Judeans…the Jews
As the ‘Israelis’ came to be called by Rome
Nominal Jew King Herod granted a birthday wish
And served John’s head on a platter
While the Pharisees arranged the most heinous
Death by impalement for Jesus Christ…Messiah
And everything changed

Inside The Temple that King Solomon built
The fine linen curtain of the ‘Most Holy’
Ripped clean from top to bottom
The earth shook the dead from their tombs
And the sun hid itself from the day
Israel’ had not only breached every letter
Of its sacred covenant with YaHWeH
It had now brazenly set up the slayings
Of its own foretold saviors
One of them, their foremost savior
Jesus, the Christ….Messiah

And everything changed

Now beginning from the year of Jesus’ birth
The Hebrew’s time came to its end
‘The Gentile Times’ ensued as at this day
And everything changed

YaHWeH finally turned his gaze at the nations
And after three days raised his son from death
Brought him to sit at the right of his throne
And put the scepter over earth in his hand
And everything changed

YaHWeH blessed that which Jesus commanded
To his apostles before he ascended
That while he would always be with them
He’d send a ‘comforter’ to assist their search
For men whose hearts alone would avow
‘We will be Jehovah’s witnesses!’
Thus the disciples obediently heeded

Jesus’ exciting new charge to ‘Go!’
‘Make now disciples of every nation, tribe and tongue!’
And everything changed


By Jahgirl