Becoming Beloved



Jehovah God claimed only one

“Begotten Son”

The only one who lowered his divine being

From among the heavens

To appear on Earth

Even as an infant

Suckling at the tit of a human woman

Bending to the will of an indifferent

But humbling and dedicated stepfather

Treated in no more special way than

The ‘brothers and sisters’

Born after him

Still, from the blood and lust of man

He proved himself a devoted

And well-versed student

Of his heavenly father’s Holy Scriptures

Espoused them often in His temple

Lived and ate among the lowly

Comforted and healed the sickly

Eventually even died for their salvation

He, Jesus

Became adored by Jehovah

We too, might become beloved

By becoming like Jesus





Teacher preachers



It is then possible for each of us

As well

To Become Beloved

Beloved of God


By Jahgirl

August 3, 2022