Believe or not: Jehovah Listens

Bible History Discussion w/son 1/17/2017

Briefly:  My son called to share the ‘facts’ dispersed in some guy’s video which purportedly proved the following:

  1. The four rivers streaming out of the Garden of Eden were tributaries of the great Nile River in Egypt;
  2. That the true Jew/Israelites were racially Black—now proven by DNA genetics (I told him that I’d come across similar information myself: that some African peoples have more Semitic blood than the modern day ‘Jew’);
  3. That the Bible even talks about Jesus having ‘wooly’ hair and that would not be descriptive of a White man, whereby Jesus is falsely shown as Blonde and blue eyed. He even took a potshot at our Jehovah’s Witness illustrations of Jesus. I agreed that Jesus was often made to look more ‘European’ than ‘Semitic’, but I asked: had he taken a look at his own church’s artwork? He claimed his personal church did not have any artwork to speak of—it was non-denominational(as if that is supposed to mean something?).
  4. That there’s an African tribe (possibly: Ogbo?) hoarding/hiding the authentic Bible. (In response, I mentioned that an Ethiopian shrine claims to have the original Torah and, until recently stolen, had kept it guarded day and night);


My response to these points, in brief, were:

  1. the Bible specifically mentions The Tigris(or Hid’de`kel) and Euphrates rivers, which are in Syria-Iraq, not Egypt;
  2. The Bible doesn’t care about the color of humans; it’s not mentioned in regards to any character in the scriptures—“strip away our flesh, and we’re all the same color underneath”, I remarked;
  3. Rev 1:14 talks of Jesus, saying: “Moreover, his head and his hair were white as white wool, as snow, and his eyes were like a fiery flame.”(NWT) Nothing in that statement lends itself to any racial identity—Black, White or otherwise.
  4. As for the authenticity of the Bible record, beginning with the Torah—or the first five books of the Bible—centuries of scholarly study, along with history, archeology, geology, ancient artifacts and other ancient fragments (especially the Dead Sea Scrolls), have all worked to authenticate the Bible canon that survives down to our day. Therefore, in finality, the fact that these scriptures have even remained intact over the course of 4-5 millenia is a testament to there being a divine power behind it.

And then, in today’s text, Jehovah shows he was listening! And he once again, so eloquently, adds to me and my son’s discussion the following:

I promptly forwarded the above text to my son. As usual, no response back yet. One day, I pray that he will respond, and that it will—at last—be an acknowledgement of love and worship for our great God Jehovah.

Jehovah does have his eyes upon us. He is listening to those who love him.  O, I well know! My list of ‘Believe Or Not’ stories continues to grow.  How happy I am for Jehovah’s undeserved kindness!