Believe or not: THE TUMMY ACHE

Not sure what’s going on with me

Healthwise this year, that is

Every few months it seems

I’ve been getting this awful cramping

I mean just extremely uncomfortable

Aches and pains in my stomach


Twice before I thought it was a virus

‘A lot of people had that this week’

Friends would say in conversation

One time it had to be food poisoning

From past-use-dated canned fruit juice

Maybe it was that two-week old leftover

Or the ‘mystery’ meat in those nuggets

Now, my last take-out did taste ‘funny’

And I should’ve thrown out those old franks

Nor have drunk that slightly soured milk

Really, I sometimes think, it could even be

Too much of a supposed good thing:

The mishmash of medicines and vitamins

I’ve gulped down to keep me ‘healthy’

In all cases, I push back the thought

Could it be my colon cancer cropping up?


‘Tho I’ve been cured for many years

I’m loath to reenter the maw of Pharma

Controllers of our healthcare system

I have no faith in its corporate doctors

So I go back to mom’s home remedy

A bit of baking soda and water

And writhe impatiently on my bed

Waiting for the pain to just go away


Often I pray to Jehovah, of course

But last night I was determined

To get his attention and emoted

In such heart-rending implorations

Such faith-filled and adoring praise

For his abounding greatness and power

Invoking his magnificent quality of love

I was shamelessly desperate before Jah

And I noted that….if he just wanted to

He could completely heal me


I then lay on my side, knees clinched

And soon heard something like a ‘glerp’

Along with what seemed to me

 A gentle churning in my gut

There was another and another

Something inside stirring….being moved

And with each continuing ‘glerp’

A lessening of the pain

Until all of it was gone

And I was again moved to prayer

Now thankfully joyous

Both body and spirit now soothed

I laid bare my grateful heart

And bid Jah a humble goodnight

Before falling into blissful sleep


By Jahgirl