Believe or Not: The Broken Auto Window

More miraculous nods from my God Jehovah–unexpected and fantastic–and humbly appreciated.

Hopefully this one will be short and very sweet.

I own an 18 year old Toyota Sienna Van, runs like a top (with regular tune-ups, of course); sports a variety

Of knicks, scrapes and missing ‘things’…but a good and faithful car which I love.

One of the scourges of its old age are the electric windows; unlike all the passenger windows of the latest cars– which with a one second press of a button will glide all the way up or down—only my driver side window had that capacity; the other three window buttons had to be continually pushed until the window opened or closed to one’s desire. So at about year 14 or 15 my ol’ Betty gave up the ghost on the right-side middle-row window and entirely stopped responding to the button. I kept the window in the ‘closed’ position from then on and made sure all passengers were warned NOT to touch that window button! I can tell you, I did not ever have several hundreds of dollars to have the Toyota dealer do what I feared would be a very expensive fix.

Therefore, in addition to the verbal warnings I jury-rigged different contraptions—like a coin inserted under the electric button or some such. Except for a couple of mishaps, all was going to plan.

Then last night, I—myself—made the fatal error…..from my driver-side control I mistakenly hit that window button in hurriedly trying to exit and lock the car.  In horror, I looked at the window, wondering how I was going to get it back up, but it was still in the up/closed position!

But wait. The favor from Jehovah was yet to come.

This afternoon I had a store-run to do and as I got in my car, started it up and prepared to put it in drive, I heard an unmistakable whirring….of one of the windows. I hadn’t yet touched a button and my three working windows were still closed so…..   Yes, THAT middle window just rolled on down, finishing the action I guess I had interrupted last night when I’d hurriedly turned the car engine off.

I put my head in my hand…now what would I do to get the thing back in the closed position?  (At that moment I hadn’t even considered that it was strange that the window rolled all the way down in one swift motion…like a late model car would do!) 

Well, I don’t know why, but I’d again mistakenly fumbled with the window’s driver-side button, and here’s the mindblower: THAT window rolled all the way up on its own. Exclamation point. How? My ol’Betty didn’t come with automatic up/down windows. I would assume especially not so on a malfunctioning window.

I decided not to wrack my brain with all the what if’s, maybe’s, etc……I’ve learned to just thank Jehovah for his kindness and another blessing. I’ve well learned that His attention to our needs does not always have to be in the form of an earth-shattering calamity. His attention to our smallest, littlest dilemma is a testimony to just how all-encompassingly EVERYTHING his powers are; I call him Quintessent because he’s what today’s scientists would call ‘Quantum’, the powerful multi-faceted uber/super-computer they are attempting to perfect right at this very moment to tackle man’s truly earthshattering problems. But I suspect that all of man’s tiniest problems will be left to float in the wind.

Not so with our Quintessent-Quantum (just my way of saying ‘Almighty’)God.  He knows that the solutions are in the smallest details and He sees and can handle them all—whether gargantuan, medium or teeny tiny problems.

I can only be everlastingly Jehovah’s worshipful servant—paraphrasing the psalmist at Psalm 146 verse 5:            

                                         ’Happy I am to have the God of Jacob as my helper,

                                                    as my hope is in Jehovah my God.’

Well, as usual, I was not able to make this short…..but I hope you will agree it was sweet.



May 31, 2022

My life is a dedication as a Witness to Jehovah, Almighty God. This endeavor is based on the songs and praises to Jehovah as set out in the Psalms of the Bible......"It is good to sing praises to our God." Psalm 147:1

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