Bethel Dreams

Bethel in Brooklyn….

Born amidst a megalopolis-to-be:

New York City…the Big Apple….The City

…..a burgeoning entry point for poor huddled immigrants

A modern-day Tyre struggling with its growing infrastructure needs…. 

….as well as the headache of assimilating

…..throngs of multi-ethnic peoples

The peoples… stuffing themselves above every storefront flat

……and into tract homes along the city’s fringes

The peoples….navigating an ever-entwining tangle of streets and bridges

Their only hope of transit the train tracks spider-webbing beneath the city

Bethel in Brooklyn patiently endured 100 years

Grew in tandem within the goliath city

Sending out its faithful envoy of witnesses-to-Jehovah

Those publishers…relentlessly streaming from that ‘House of God’


Telling all who would listen about the coming KINGDOM of God

A kingdom that would not at all be like this cosmopolitan behemoth

… which nearly everyone in the world has desired to live

Except -no longer- Jehovah’s people

Their yearnings were always for that ‘kingdom’ of which they preached

Its closest embodiment, for a time

…..within The City, in Brooklyn:

Bethel–House of God


Now has come into being their Bethel dream…..

The closer culmination of God’s ‘kingdom’ being realized…

An Abrahamic sojourn of all Jehovah’s household

….into the upstate New York wilderness

Into a lush and pristine woods

Nearby, a bevy of quiet lakes and lazy lagoons

Though the preaching work never ends…

Bethel has moved out of The City and Brooklyn

And into the waking dreams of all Jehovah’s Witnesses


By Jahgirl