Year two thousand fourteen CE and next The clockwork heavens are set to reflect On April 15-or rightly, in Hebrew time: Nisen 14 (33 BCE)-the most heinous crime The angels will weep, the stars will faint Remembering the death of The One True Saint The sun will bow its face in sadness At the folly and shame of man’s badness The moon for its part will suffer the most At recalling Messiah pierced with a stroke Releasing a stream of his blood laced with water Sacred and holy in ignoble slaughter The moon will cry through bloodshot eyes Its tears salty and red as it sighs: ‘I will remember not once but in pairs’ ‘The Lord’s blood they’ll see when they stare’ ‘Every some years my time will come round’ ‘To earth my mournful sign I’ll send down’ ‘This lunar body shines through a heart that bleeds’ ‘By Christ, I am the Blood Moon…..take heed’ Jahgirl Nisen 4, 2014(April 5, 2014) RESUMPTION Nisen 14, 2015 (April 3, 2015) This night the early moon was so bright and so stark Seemed a halo of angels embraced its whole arc Its brightness I captured in my camera’s reflection And the subsequent image showed striking refractions Forgive me for wondering whether naively, as do most If at 3:18 in the morn off of America’s west coast Came the moon fully bloodied at the time of the stroke That our Lord’s body was punctured with a vicious poke? Well, whether the timing is off or not true in any respect The way and the why Jesus died should cause all to reflect To cry to his father Jehovah in anguish rage and sorrow And calmly wait for His just retribution on the morrow Jahgirl Nisen 15, 2015 (April 4, 2015)                

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