Butterflyed Chaos

 (The Butterfly Effect (General physics); the idea, used in Chaos Theory, that a very small difference in the initial state of a physical system can make a significant difference to the state at some later time.)


Can a small and delicate butterfly

Its sublime symmetry

Of shimmering colors

Upon its twin-patterned wings

And fluttering about benignly

Upon mere whispers of air

Minding its own pollinating business

From flower to flower to flower


The universe?


Or, let’s just inquire whether

At the very least

The little creature

Could effect cloud patterns

All the way on the other side of the globe

And cause, for example

A threatening parade of cascading storms?


Well no

Not when all is in…

Divine ORDER


In the divinely conceived place time and purpose

Of the little propagating butterfly

As it fulfills its warp and woof

In the fabric of God’s design

There is no perturbance in the order

There is no…





When place time and purpose

Tacks a hair’s fraction off track

Continues uncorrected

In the framework of a given time and place

Purpose becomes corrupted

The state of things is now in…




A poisonous flower appears in the field

And our little butterfly sickens and dies

And then one by one it infects

Each and every one of its kind

Who also sicken and or die

The spring flowers

Swollen with pollen

Wait in vain for fertilization

Each spring after spring after spring

Each year sees a smaller field of flora

Less trees, bushes, grasses, fruit

Fewer bugs, animals, birds and soil

The entire order of the habitat

Is now in degeneration

All systems gone awry

Photosynthesis, oxygenation

Water hydrology, evaporation

Et cetera et cetera et cetera

Dominoes falling each into each

A cascade of erroneous happenstances

All things tacking off-kilter

Infecting the next thing touched

And finally

Because our world

Is a Living Earth


All is touched


Call it, if you must

Chaos Theory


We see that if…

One perverts the divine purpose

Of even the most perfect butterfly

That one will surely, with time

Morph the divine natural order

Into global Chaos Reality


By Jahgirl