I’m beginning to highly suspect

And it truly does concern me

That every single thing we use

Has something in it to burn me


When I say ‘me’ I mean of course ‘us’

Are we really just useless eaters?

Just heating up the planet?

A bunch of resource depleters?


It seems like every product

Is designed mostly to do us in

Within the ‘good’ stuff it’s made of

Is buried some ‘bad’ ingredients


There must’ve been a conference

Of all the world’s corporations

All agreed to devise ways to sicken

And made it a competition


Am I hallucinating? A paranoid?

Like, processed ‘food’ is actually dead

Fast food is tasty but saturated fat

And ‘fresh’ foods are GMO-bred


But it’s not just food, it’s everything

Toxins in our lotions mops and pails

Our carpets medicines water and toys

Our very air has been chemtrailed!


What prize were merchants promised?

Those many corporate sociopaths?

Or was it more like a rich bounty?

For each 10,000 sickened to death?


I know…I sound truly absurd, BUT….

When the following is reported as fact

That aborted fetal cells ‘flavor’ Pepsi

Am I any more absurd than THAT?


What power could’ve convened them?

Myself, I suspect it’s demonic

But I’m at peace in the knowledge

That Jehovah our God is right on it!


By Jahgirl