Day After

A cousin’s son died yesterday we learned
A car crash death, still alive he’d burned
Horrified, we cringed at the thought
And felt sad for our kin as we ought
But today, all the errands to be run!
Our mind’s awash in things to be done!
The cousin’s death isn’t on our agenda
As far from the moon as Yorba Linda
Such is the dismal uncaring lesson
Yeah, but he was only a distant cousin

Now here’s a different story, I daresay
Different family, every family, every day
When ‘Dad’ had fallen down the stair
Alarmed siblings rushed him to ER
They patched and dispatched him alone
To a rehab center rather than home
It smelled of meds and elderly funk a bit
None of his children cared to visit him or it
Until they sent him to a hospice to die
And at the funeral seemed no eye was dry
The day after, no one even asked ‘why?’
A loving dad, he’d worked dawn to dark
Paid all the bills, took them to the park
Sacrificed his ‘freedom to carouse’
Put his family in their own little house
Bought food and wiped away their poo
Only did, I guess, all he was supposed to
To be honest, whether he did or he didn’t
Day after, it’s like he’d never existed
The life and history he’d written
Set dusty on their shelves and flea-bitten

There is but One interested in his book
Was only Jehovah who’d dare take a look
Would seek to discover page by page
Being as he is, the Great God and Sage
All the times Dad had called on His name–
All that led to the man he became–
Every time Dad read His sacred Word–
And followed God’s Son as the Lord–
Jah examined his earthly course
Saw his devilment, a messy divorce–
But saw he’d opened the Bible often–
Saw His Word had made the man soften–
Saw Dad wanted to please Him above–
To live again and be truly loved—
By the God who knows our every hair–
Just as he knows the name of each star–
But the Dad’s children he’d fleshly begot
The day after he died they’d all but forgot

That day Jehovah awoke him, however
And said ‘Enter my Paradise bower’
‘Each time you sought me in prayer you won
Approaching in the name of Jesus, my son
It became for you a way to invest
Began to fill up your memorial chest
I stored it like a priceless gold nugget
And all your heavenly treasures I never forget’
By Jahgirl

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