Signs and wonders

Trumpets and thunders

Sunspots and blood moons

Deep loud earthly booms

Strange things I can’t ignore

What’s more in store?

Call them what you want

Things are out of joint

Our earth is not right

Not by far, in my sight

My mind reels from the thoughts

The frightful things we’re fraught

But no one knows the day or hour

And I dare not claim that power

Only Christ Jesus revealed to John

Of a great war at Armageddon

Today’s events are apocalyptic

Forebodingly dire and apoplectic

Am I the only one to notice how

‘Apocalypse’ is used more often now?


‘Apocalypse’?…at least Epoch-Collapse!

Could events be more alarmist!?


That word’s the butt end of much jesting

Through the last 100 years of testing

But now it takes a quite serious tone

The seeming ‘end’ we’re now prone

Every day brings dire revelations

Running amuck among all the nations

World wars brought mass suicide

Horrid Atrocities, genocides

The wars spurred new science and tech

Engineering marvels we’ve come to expect

And we too glitter-eyed to realize

The self-destruction we idealize

This system’s energy is fossil fuel

We suck barrels up as if precious jewels

No matter that burning it befouls our air

Such that natural climates disappear

And the glaciers melt at both poles

Ruining the habitats of polar souls

The scourges now come many and swift

Its common now to cite ‘APOCALYPSE!’


So, what’s now being ‘revealed’?

In what ways have our fate been sealed?

Is this, indeed, God’s ‘appointed time’?

The least it is…is an epochal crime!


‘Why?’, you ask. Just read this

Just bear with this very short list:


Bee-colony collapse

Near total insect extinction

Polar bears starving

Jellyfish sardines’ dolphins

And whales beaching themselves

Flocks of birds dropping out of the skies

Volcanic eruptions everywhere

Worldwide catastrophic wildfires

Monstrous hurricanes cyclones

Tornadoes ice storms monsoons

Cataclysmic flooding events and

Sudden mysterious sinkholes

Epidemics of diseases once rare:

Cancer Autism and Alzheimer’s

The legitimization of sodomy

The redefinition of gender

Marriage, family and morality

And worst – legalized fetus murder

As well as euthanasia

The frenzy for nuclear reactors

To make ever more nuclear weapons

And mass destruction certain

Now a mad ‘space race’ to get off the earth

Computers and artificial intelligence

To be our wonky saviors

Until then there’s opioids for the asking

And other forms of drugs for recreation

We can enjoy our ‘highs’

While chemtrails stripe and fill the skies

Not many seem to be aware

That only a few men out of billions here

Own all of the planet’s natural wealth

And that a mad-man rules the Earth


With tears in my eyes

And an ache in my heart

I look at these things


For this EPOCH-Collapse

Though not yet THE Apocalypse

Nor, as far as I know anything

Jehovah’s ‘appointed time’

All I can really say for sure, in fact

Is that

These days and times and signs

Closely mirror the bad and sad events

In the Bible book, The Revelation


And declare to all who pay attention

And understand Jesus’ Ascension

To “Lift up your heads”, you ewes

For these bad things point to Good News

And all should be alert, see and hear:

“For your deliverance”

‘Though not absolutely known

“Is NEAR!”


By Jahgirl

March 9, 2019