Go to the Ant!

“Go to the ant you lazy one”*

And see its ways

And become wise.”     

Wiser than man perhaps!

Whereas man was made

“Just a little lower than the angels–” **

Whereas  man was made

in God’s  own visage—

Can it yet be ….

The ants prove wiser?


Man remains upon the shore

as  dark clouds gather more and more-

Entertained by the lightning show-

The electrum around him flashing-

Acid rain and water  slashing

                    Man: the blind-eyed face we know!


Go to the ant

whose engineers are clever—

          Designing their cities

A maze of rooms and tunnels—

          Preparing for protection here—

          Envisioning their escape there-

Should flooding waters  pervade-

Or predators invade.


Go to the ant!  O know-it-all man.

And do not mock our God-

With your version of His dynamic energy-

Playing with His atomic particles-

Let loose for fun and games and war-

Within buildings  on shifting landmass-

Or battered by tsunami wave-crash!


Neither hindsight  nor forethought-

When once escaped-does it dawn-

The awesome and unstoppable

          Radiating death-force activated-

Like the blistering sun too close-

Searing brick, steel, our DNA!

Hurtling us to the ‘end of days’!


 Go to the ant!

For where have my ants gone?

The summer is nigh

Yet not even a scout rambles by.

They can be annoying, but…….how odd.

What alarm has been set off?

What warning have they heard?

And of what are they aware?

Go to the ant!  Do learn!

Find him—so that you,  O man-

 Will know.

*Proverbs 6:6-8

                        **Hebrews 2:7

Jahgirl  2/28/14