God Is….

An inviting field of rustling grass
Every blade a soft mat upon the dirt…
God is as refreshing as a summer frolic
Upon our sweet-smelling earth

Foamy wave-tops lick the far shores
The salty brace of an ocean breeze…
God is redolent of a brisky wind
And full of the power of the seas

How elegant the strutting peacock
Feathers iridescent in their symmetry…
God is gracious to grant this proud he-bird
Regal plumage to attract his queen

Delicate yet strong is the butterfly cocoon
And the silky filaments of a spider’s web…
God has designed such incongruent things
Like the ant’s spindly un-tiring legs

Look at the snail, an eon in every second
How patient though is our glorious God…
For many slither along their way unscathed
As larger creatures rush through the sod

Rivers streams oceans and wells engorge
From clouds dripping copious rains and squalls
Slaking all thirst by his hydrology cycle…
God’s love spills forth like his waterfalls

Each fragile snowflake’s like no other
They number as the sands of the beaches…
God himself is astronomically unique
Among the stars of his vast cosmic reaches

All learned scientists studying His ‘image’
Find upon intense and close inspection
Synchronicity in every cell pore and gene
And concede God is Almighty…..
…..In man’s perfect conception

In short and sweet
When about the world we peek
And proof of God we seek
Asking who or what is he
Use one organ—your eye—to see
To hear taste and smell—another three
Filter all input through your brain
The organ that makes the world sane
And your heart then responds to proclaim
All the things that are bliss
All the things held dear, to kiss
All these things together, that is
Speak clearly to us like this….
God IS

By Jahgirl

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