Got a Bit of the BLAHS


Feeling a bit of depression this morning

It’s just sucky tiring, this world of man

‘Cause a browse of the morning news w/my coffee

left me with the dregs of a kind of despair

at the sheer volume of man’s pernicious fickleness

So many activities at cross-currents

contradictions/point counterpoints

proposals/counter proposals

protests/counter protests

and unending hints of looming disasters

here there and everywhere!

And now….this:


A worldwide horror story

Where pundits on both the left and right

 Would have me believe, of course

One or another damnable scenario

It’s either the infectious bat cuisine delicacies

In some far away meat market

Wherein the locals have dined for decades

And never ever brought down the entire world

Or it’s the alternate and very plausible theory

that experimental coronaviruses

At some lab escaped – or were released into-

The WWWW- the whole wide wacky world!

So this morning I fume, I fight the fear

I pray to Jah

To please blow His trumpets of deliverance!

              As I full-well know that, look

      Bats have lived among us for millennia,

Merely hanging out in their dank caves

when they weren’t flying about

feeding, pollinating, doing their jobs

within the rhythms of our natural world

And that, on the other hand

I well know that there’re conscienceless men

who invade the bat’s cavernous lairs

and take gobs of microbe & virus-laden muck

back to their secret-potion labs

of nefarious going-ons

And for what purpose?

Well, I hate to imagine

But posh on all my worrying about this!

Let me turn to the comics section for a

Distracting daily chuckle

Because…of course….it’s those batty bats!



By Jahgirl