Head Hang Down in Shame

Head hang down in shame

Before the Almighty God who created






And from the man, Woman

Both in his image

And with his spirit

Made them breathe

Granted them life

In paradise

The Garden of Eden

His only two instructions to them

“Be fruitful and become many”

“Cultivate and take care of the earth”

We have failed our Creator

Head hang down in shame

Hands, too, fall limp in despair

For in all its officialdom

Earth’s body of nations has spoken

And all their scientists are in accord

Life created here by God

Is in the midst of its sixth

And possibly last

Extinction event

The United Nations today released its

Intergovernmental Science-Policy Platform

On Biodiversity and Ecosystem Service’s

Exhaustive three year 1,500 page report

 In short

Millions of life species

Will disappear in a century or two

Without them

So will man

After thousands of years

Two hundred left

Well, at least we think

Be ashamed, mankind!

It was a simple thing God asked

The first, ‘be fruitful’


The second simple thing

‘Cultivate and take care of the earth’

We did NOT take care

Nor did we love and cultivate the earth

Instead we adulterated our love

And plundered

Now let our heads hang down

And our hands fall limp

In abject shame

As we await God’s righteous

So righteous judgement

By Jahgirl

May 6, 2019