Heavenly Father….just what is your name?

They asked Jesus how to pray

To the True God

Who’d sent him to lead them?

The God who’d promised them reward

For their humble ministry?

Who was he?

Who was the One watching?

And seeing all the un-trumpeted

Work of their good-news preaching?

And who’d promised to repay?

Yes, just who was he?

He, who didn’t want them shouting

Making spectacles of themselves

On street corners

Or even in their synagogues

Just to be grandiosely seen by men?

How will he hear us lowly, simple ones?

How do we pray, Lord?

Pray this way, Jesus told them

Address him just as I, the Son, saying:

Our Father….in the heavens

Let your name be sanctified, let…

But they courteously interrupted:

Please, Jesus, our Lord

This father….’our father’…

What IS his name?

Said Jesus in answer:


To your forefathers he revealed it

In the wilderness

His name is sanctified, holy

And more than a name

For its meaning is cosmic

“I Cause To Be”

JEHOVAH himself has said

‘Our father’ isJEHOVAH

Let that name be ever sanctified

And pray that way

By Jahgirl