He’s Got the Whole Worldwide in His Hands

He’s Got the Whole Worldwide in His Hands


He’s got the whole world

It appears horribly true

‘In his hands’, per the song

‘Cept a very precious few


He’s workin’ every man

who just wants a good job

and most woe-man too

Til they break down and sob


He’s got us sighin’ an’ workin’

All over this big earth

To feed and clothe kin

For home and for hearth


He’s got plenty of jobs for all

He keeps us all busy

All of us get paid somethin’

Whether grunt work or easy


We’re workin’ so earnest

Both day and nights

He’s makin’ us work so

We’ve little foresight


We’re sweatin’ the loads

Of work in the fields

In the factories and stores

The mines and the mills

Both in the airy offices

And the swelterin’ sewers

Drillin’ and Frackin’ for oil

Drivin’ Lyfts and Ubers

There’s work to mine uranium

Copper and lithium pockets

iron and many minerals

To make things like rockets

We make batteries, satellites

Nuclear plants and guns

Spy-cams, tanks and bombs

Jets, smart meters, drones


He’s got us makin’ a livin’

So it seems, for ourselves

But it’s more like we’re dyin’

More like locked in a jail cell


We’re doin’ his make-work

Some even get the jobs they lust

But is it to run this world for man

Or for this world to run us?


The ‘he’, who’s got the big hands

And the whole world in them

His ‘jobs’ are no favors to us

But serve us up to him!


Say, are we buildin’ a good world?

We can’t see the big picture

So frantic in our labors

He’s– in truth — a destructor


From his perch, vampire-like

He sucks the whole world dry

Mapped out all oil and resources

Befouling our water, air and sky


No need to go down the list

Of the insults to our earth

This place that daily feeds us

He’s made us forget its worth


A worth that’s Oh! so priceless

A planet like it there is none

Still he seeks to fly the heavens

And find himself another one


He will frack and hack away

Using us as beguiled labor

Warring over lands and wealth

Without regard for neighbor


Have you yet guessed it?

Who I’m talkin’ about?

His name is ‘Manslayer’

As so aptly pointed out


By John, Jesus’ gospel-writer

In chapter eight of his Bible Book

In verse forty-four, you’ll see

Do, please, take time to look


John elaborates even more

In the First of his three Letters

In chapter five, verse 19, he

ID’s the ‘He’ keeping us in fetters


Tells us that ‘He’ is ‘the evil one’

That though we originate with GOD

That our world and all upon it

Are ‘lying in the power’ of Ba’al


God’s Word has forewarned us

But also shows the way out

He gave us a leader to follow

Through the darkness and drought


That leader declares: ‘I am the light’!

So who is He? GOD’s son with a key!

The One…‘the bright morning star’!

Jesus has come…to release you and me!

By Jahgirl

December 14, 2019