Those of you preying on the weak

Do you not know you’re one of the wolves?

And you who lie and cheat and steal

Doomed sons of the ‘father of the lie’?


Those of you loving your guns and bombs

And poisons and all forms of violence

Do you not know o earthling man

You model the modern day Nephilim?


You who prefer the supernatural side

Erotic exotic occultic hypnotic

Are you not the ill-conceived progeny

Of condemned Sodom and Gomorrah?


If you’re one thrilled at the horrid prospect

Of zombies and vampires and demons

Beware lest they hear your siren call

And into your own soul they crawl!


All you should give ear and hear

Decide if you will follow your forebears

Right over the cliff and down to the pit

Of lime-covered stinking Gehenna!


What has the current ‘Ruler’  here promised?

Gold and silver things that tarnish?

Ill-gotten gain in a world destined to fall?

Enjoy them as much as the dead Pharaohs!


Don’t you dare to continue to mock God!

‘How does God know about me!’ you sneer

Ask Ezekiel who He lifted and then revealed

Temple defilement Jews tried to conceal!


Are you thinking through all these things?

Where is your wisdom O smart one?

The lessons and warnings have been given

But Praise Jah! So has the Son also risen!

By Jahgirl