High Aspirations

( So I asked him, the imitator of the True God:)

( ‘The things you’ve wrought, have they been very good?)


The creation of the earth and everything upon it

 ‘Was good’, Jehovah God had said

Then He said to his master worker, Jesus

One of his angelic sons

Now let us make a new living creature

One in our image

He will become a human

And they called him Adam

Then Jehovah looked at all the living things

He and Jesus had created

And He declared it all was

Very Good

Then God said

Let us also create a mate for Adam

And they called her Eve

And all of creation was full of God’s light

Thriving, vibrant, diverse, harmonious life!

All of the angels watching

Broke out in thundering applause

Except for one


After a time, however

Creation’s ‘light’ began to dim

The thriving, the vibrancy, the diversity

Yes…all harmoniousness began to fade

All creation began an imperceptible slide

Into merciless putresence

Like an apple rotting from the inside out

Creation was becoming

NOT very good


God was well aware why this was so

For that one amongst the angelic audience

The one pretentious and most handsome

Of unbridled ego, presumptuousness

And vindictive jealousy of Jesus

The one who had not joined in the applause

That one, Satan, was always a resister

And God knew

That one had made it his sole purpose

To Un-do

All  the perfection in the Creation

And remake it in his hoary image

That is to say….



(And so he, Satan)

(answered my question thusly:)

(‘Just between you and I’)

(‘No, not very good or even…just as good as God.’)

(‘All that I touch, in fact’)

(‘Becomes VERY debased’)

(‘But it has been good enough to fool most of you.’)

(‘Hasn’t it?’)


By Jahgirl

May 16, 2021