How Does My Garden Grow?

Good morning Adam and Eve

I’ve come to visit my garden

Full of glowing and growing good things

Things living and wonderfully made

How have they thrived?

How have they spread?

What are the yields and the quality?

How does my garden grow?

I seem to not be able to find you

Among the thistles and thorns

The weeds and the undergrowth

And why are my fields of green beneath

Those ribbons of asphalt that stretch

Across my valleys plains and hills

There are concrete and steel towers

Obstructing my azure skies and white clouds

And crowding out the trees for my birds

My waterways appear sullied and torpid

No longer clear and pure for my sea life

And the very air smells foul

The birds avoid its noxiousness

My mountains you seem to have cropped

To claw at their bitumen seams

Your  ‘fracking’ cracked my earth

You even drilled beneath the oceans

Sucking up the oils which lube my planet

The winds I designed for each season

Have been tampered with somehow

I pity the one who must explain all this

As before my throne he shall have a say

Why, I can find no fine fruit in my orchards

I detect a strange modification to them

And their very vitality is gone

Where are my lovely bats and bees?

And my sun I placed just so to warm you?

Now its lethal rays bypass a damaged ozone shield

My garden is not like I left it in your care

Nor at all as I expected it to be by now

Show your faces now before me

You must in shame hang your heads

Ah, there you are hiding among the weeds

Skulking about my planet you’ve befouled

Looking as ashen and sickly as the earth itself

Since you allowed gross mismanagement

For your disdain of my garden gift is obvious

Not treasuring the productive land I gave you

Nor heeding my easy instructions

Even killing the Son I sent to help you

To bring you back to my good graces

Away with you to the compost heap!

Never touch hand to my earth again!

No, you shall never have that chance

The good and hardworking sowers you slew

I am raising from their sleep today

They loved and honored my prolific earth

And proved exclusive worship to me

They will mulch your rotting corpses into the soil

To till and plant good seed and cultivate anew

Then I shall have ‘Apollos’ water

And I, by my great power to do as I will

Shall delight, yes, at last

In my long-purposed Garden Paradise


Jahgirl 10/04/2014