With insistent increasing amplitude!
Howl LOUDLY, you people!
Howl with a cacophonous roar!
Maybe Jehovah/Jah will hear our outcry
Just as in the days of Lot
Our days now like the blatant wantonness
Of infamous Sodom and Gomorrah
Days of pestilence like gonorrhea
When women actually feel honored
To abort their babies and slut themselves
And men prefer to lay with men
Or self-pleasure with pornography
Many slake their illicit lusts at will
Still irreverent to both virgins and angels
We, who feel disgust, now HOWL!
Just as in the days of Lot
For it was the people’s anguished outcry
Loud insistent and soul-stirring!
Which caused Jehovah to bend his ear
Their cries rent His heart when he heard
The great sins of the Sodomites were seen
Confirmed by the ones he sent down
So out of the sulfurous fire of his furious wrath
And his promise to Abram for mercy
He rescued those belonging to righteous Lot
Except his wife who looked back longingly
And as a pillar of salt she perished
Along with all in Sodom and Gomorrah
So HOWL to Jah you people!
Our world’s more deviant now than then
There are not two genders, but many
And sexually, almost nothing’s taboo

So howl!….HOWL-le’lu’jah!
Perhaps Jehovah God will hear us
And hurry His appointed time
To cleanse ALL the earth of evil!
Then we will PRAISE Jah, you people!
We shall cry out HALLE’lu’jah!

By Jahgirl