I Dreamt Dreams

In my early 20s, one dream was recurring

And puzzling…but aren’t they all?

I’d dream this dream:

Finding myself inside a peculiar sort of rickety old house


A house seemingly without logic ….nor symmetry

I’d wander its narrow and dreary hallways

Searching fruitlessly for familiar rooms

Finding instead narrow and dark staircases

       around each corner I would turn

Finally, I’d climb one

Finding at its top the entrance to an attic….

A most vast and open attic

Out of all proportion to the quirky maze of a house below!

Yet, peering through the thick dust-motey air up there

I could make out piles

            upon stacks

             upon overflowing collections

                of all kinds old relics of books

     cracked and chipped vases and dishes

         tasteless and archaic artwork

            musty quilts and old headboards

         ancient crackling letters and cracked lamps

                  with their faded and misshapen shades 

All the funky detritus of old matrons

But then I’d catch a sparkly glint of something

          Upon which a sliver of sunlight slicing

            through the broken rafters above shone upon

                directing my curiosity as though a spotlight

I’d look closer and…and see things…

           many things….lots of things within that


            worthless clutter

Over there….and there…everywhere!

That I hadn’t, in my predisposition that I’d stumbled on junk

              had noticed at all:

Gold-rimmed crystal goblets and countless stacks

      Of fine porcelain English—even Chinese–plate ware

            Assorted small mahogany tables

              Intricate wood sculptures from exotic lands

                Boxes of brass buttons and gold jewelry and…Whaa!

  I’d almost fallen over it..wandering..gawking..

And there it was…

        A shiny full-size black… motorcycle?

I can’t be sure, of course, but I probably gasped in my sleep.

The incongruity of such a sight…in an attic!

It was big, huuuge! And it looked heavy…

   (really, too heavy for my small frame!)

    and intimidatingly black….but oh, did it sparkle!

 A motorcycle?

Still, my heart had leapt at the sight!

In my vision of the night, this thing, the motorbike…

            ….I’d wanted with all my excited heart.

It all made little sense

(Well, what dreams do?)

Regardless, all through my 20’s I’d dreamt that dream


Now, in retrospect….50 years later

Looking, as one inevitably does

For rational reasons for all the turns in one’s life

I’ve wondered if I’d been so enamored of the motorcycle 

       because of that one time a college date had taken me

        for a ride on his motorcycle into the Detroit countryside?

For never in the waking hours of all my subsequent years

Can I recall ever harboring even the barest thought

          …that I’d ever own a motorcycle!

But the myriad other yard-sale gee-gaws of my dreams?

The apparent valueless/valuable mix of stuff?

Well, I looked up from my musings

Peering casually around

       ….my little one bedroom senior apartment w/patio

And toted up the  actual 50 year accumulation

       …of things that I had salvaged from charities or the trash

           …or simply spent my hard-earned cash on

All of it…simple treasures…things some, too, would consider junk

         …..but beloved things that had my touch on it :

For here was every little kitschy bauble..

All my artsy treasures of negligible value..

The finished projects and works in progress…

My digital and craft workstations..

my toolbox, surviving patio plants..

my closets full of discount designer clothes…

All of it poor/rich reflections of me

And I had once even owned—a motorcycle

Smile wryly with me….it’s OK

It was—to be sure—only a ‘little motorcycle’

              …a scooter actually

But gas powered…intended for a son

Who’d never bothered to get his license

And it soon occurred to me….

Live the dream! Literally.

And it was a ton of fun worth realizing!

That dream ‘motorcycle’…

I consider it a whimsical gift from my God Jehovah



Today..in retrospect, I can see how that curious dream

      That I’d dreamt over and over all came to pass! 

I am now even more certain of my new Dream

Of the one that envisions the Great Hope I now have

Recurrent is this Hope and Dream, as well 

But it is of the wide awake, conscious sort

One that envisions a revitalized earth

A wondrous refreshing of God’s creation

    …..and the earth’s true God-intended potential

I see myself in that recurrent dream as well

I am there on that earth…just walking among

    ….all the grateful, exalting peoples

      ….all praising forever

The True God and Maker of Dreams Come True –




February 8, 2021